Quick Checklist for Home Heating Maintenance

Simply by being knowledgeable about your home heating can save you hundreds of dollars every year. From quick and easy home repairs, to knowing when to call a professional, knowing and understanding your heating system is incredibly valuable as a home-owner. Home heating maintenance will preserve the functionality and value of your system.

Home Heating Maintenance is Year-Round

Don’t be mistaken—your heating system needs year-round attention, not just a “once-over” before the cold weather hits. The spring or summer is always a good time to check and change your air filters for your furnace and test your water heater temperature and pressure relief valve for mineral or corrosion buildup. Your water heater temperature and pressure relief valve is at the top of the water heater and should be an easy test—simply turn off the electricity or gas switch, then the cold-water inlet, position a bucket to catch water from the relief valve, and lift the lever. A functional valve will release a small amount of water or air.

When you check the relief valve, you can also flush your water heater tank. While the power and water are still off, attach a garden hose to the drain valve, but be sure the other end of the hose is safely away from children, pets, or property—the water that will be drained is scalding hot. Open the relief valve and the drain valve and completely drain the tank to remove as much sediment as possible. Then close both valves, disconnect the hose, and open all the hot water spigots in the house and turn on the cold-water intake. As water runs to each faucet, turn it off and turn the power to your water heater back on.

Furnace System Maintenance

The fall is when most furnace system maintenance takes place. Checking on your furnace is a quick and painless process. First, be sure to shut down the system, both power and fuel. When the power is off, open and clean the combustion chamber. Use a small wire brush to scrape the soot, corrosion, and combustion build up and then clean with a shop vacuum. Close the combustion chamber cover and inspect the flue pipe for any corrosion or small holes that could leak carbon monoxide. If you have pets or family members with allergies, now is a good time to replace the filters again. Utilizing your shop vac, you can also clean out the floor vents, which will limit the debris in the air when your system turns on.

Annual Servicing

Be sure to have your system serviced annually by a trained technician. Each home and heating system functions differently, and a technician can easily test the chimney draw of your furnace flue pipe and adjust it to capitalize on efficiency, test the efficiency of your burner with a combustion analyzer, or replace your oil-filter if you have an oil-powered system. Let a Lawes Home Comfort Specialist assist and direct you towards preserving money and energy before the cold hits this winter. Take a look at our comfort plans and service contracts to help you save heating dollars and stay comfortable throughout the cold New Jersey winter.