3 Reasons Your Furnace Is Rusting

image of rust inside a furnace

Rust is a problem that never goes away. This is true for all corrosion-prone objects including your home heating system. Most people think that rusting is only common in regions with high humidity but that’s not really true. When you use your furnace, you create temperature imbalances that lead to excess moisture and promote corrosion. Even high-quality heating systems are not immune to this phenomenon. Rust in furnace is a common phenomenon.

Since using the furnace leads to rust, some might be tempted to refrain from turning their heater on just to prolong the system’s lifespan. This might be feasible in mild climates but not in areas with bitter cold winters. Rust is unavoidable when it comes to furnaces. The good news is that it is within your power to delay the onset. This article will help you understand what’s happening so that you can make better decisions.

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What Causes Rust In Furnaces?

Multiple factors can lead to furnace rust. To simplify matters, you can focus on the three major causes.

1. Humid Environments & Furnace Rust

The environment in which the furnace resides is the primary factor that will determine the rate of corrosion. If there is high humidity, then you need to be more vigilant in looking for signs of rust. It could get even worse if your house has water leaks because this increases the amount of water vapor present in the air.

2. Air Conditioner Leaks

image of an air conditioner compressor

This type of water leak is particularly dangerous for heating systems that are tied to centralized air conditioning systems. Air conditioners use up energy to reduce the ambient temperature indoors. Water vapor can turn to liquid when coming into contact with the cold coils. Ideally, the droplets are collected and made to drip outdoors. In reality, dirt could clog the channels and the water can overflow leading to leaks. The heating system may be affected with the moisture being fed to the furnace. The ambient humidity will also increase and pools of water may be scattered about.

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3. Furnace Exhaust Problems

The way that the heating system works can lead to increased humidity within its immediate environment. Inside the equipment, the system generates a tremendous amount of heat for long periods. This hot air will begin to cool when it exits the burners and thus some condensation may occur right inside the furnace.

What Is The Probability Of A Furnace Rusting?

Rust is a fate that awaits all furnaces. Every single one of them will develop rust eventually with some having them in their first year while others taking several years or decades before it happens. The best thing that an owner can do is to make sure that it happens later so that he doesn’t have to deal with the associated problems. Periodic assessments can help in this regard.

Annual Furnace Maintenance

image of an hvac contractor performing a furnace repair

Get professional maintenance service every year as your main defense against rust build-up. It is always better to take proactive steps regularly compared to drowning in repair bills later on due to neglect. The HVAC contractor will look for signs of rust, safety hazards, and performance barriers around the furnace.

Clogged Furnace Burner Jets

Rust can build up to such as level as to clog the burner jets. This will reduce the system efficiency and force the heater to consume more fuel to produce the same amount of heat. Another side effect is that the system will produce more poisonous carbon monoxide gas.

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Furnace Fuel Supply Lines

It’s not just the tank and the furnace that requires monitoring. The fuel supply lines can also succumb to rust. If they do, then the worst-case scenario is an explosion and fire in the home. You have probably seen some footage of the aftermath in local news channels. It is a devastating blow to any family or business.

Many make the mistake of thinking that rust is nothing but a cosmetic issue that creates annoying orange spots around them. In reality, the effects are far more sinister if they are allowed to eat away at the heating system. Don’t wait until you see rust outside the unit. It might have developed from the inside and slowly worked its way outside. The interior is in worse shape than you imagine.

Don’t Delay Furnace Repair

image of a telephone and depicting calling for furnace repair

After you have sealed a contract for an annual furnace inspection, you should follow up with fast fixes whenever you face furnace problems. Professional inspections will allow you to learn about developing issues right from their initial stages. You will know exactly what’s causing them and how they might be remedied. Inspectors will also point out the components that are in danger of failing. These will have to be repaired at the soonest possible time.

In cases where repair is not sufficient, you will have to consider a system replacement. This is a costly endeavor but it might end up saving you money in the long run compared to continued repairs and high fuel consumption. New systems will work smoothly with no repairs needed for many years. Their high efficiency will allow you to save on fuel every year. Consult with you HVAC contractor to arrive at the best decision.

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