A Shrewsbury HVAC Contractor’s Energy Efficiency Tips To Use When Planting

shrewsbury heating and cooling technicianFinding the right HVAC company and the best local HVAC contractors can be a very challenging endeavor. If you don’t have a clear idea of exactly what you’re looking for, then how could you possibly choose a trusted heating and cooling company? You want to find one with the highest amount of experience and the highest level of overall reliability. There are two factors that you can use when making your decision. To start, make sure that the company in question only hires heating and cooling technicians that have obtained their HVAC licensing. Next, find out whether or not these technicians have an adequate amount of experience.

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Lower Your Energy Costs By Making Your Landscaping Work For You

large shade treeVery few property owners invest a whole lot of thought into their air conditioning systems when planning and implementing their landscape designs. A lot of these same individuals feel the element of surprise to discover that vegetation is something that can increase the overall efficiency of their home cooling equipment. Many techniques that can optimize the cooling efficiency of HVAC systems while diminishing home energy bills. This article is going to talk about a few of these strategies so that you can put them to use during your spring planting.

Incorporate Shade Trees Into Your Landscaping Plan

Much like standing under a tree can make you feel cooler on a hot and sunny day, shade trees can also protect your home from the intense heat of the sun on a summer day. These trees additionally have leaves that release moisture into the air which surrounds your home, that can reduce indoor temperatures by as much as six degrees.

The Department Of Energy reports that homeowners can save as much as $250 each year by merely planting shade trees in strategic locations around their homes.

To get the highest amount of benefits from shade trees, try to remember the following points:

  • If you want these trees to have the most significant impact possible, they must grow sufficiently tall to cover your home’s windows and roof.
  • The rays of the sun will likely beat down on both the south side of your home and the western side of your home for the most substantial portion of the day. It’s these very areas in which shade trees are going to provide the most significant benefits, especially if these happen to be deciduous trees. Moreover, trees like these can let the sunlight pour into your home during the winter months when the outdoor temperatures are low.
  • To prevent issues with your roof, make sure that you aren’t planting any trees too close to your home.
  • Depending on how big your home is, try to leave a gap measuring between 10 and 20 feet between the exterior walls of the building and your shade trees.

In instances in which trees just aren’t a practical addition to your landscaping plan, consider using vines and shrubs as alternatives.


Keep The Condenser Unit Free Of Blockages And Debris

outdoor AC condenserIf there aren’t any shrubs in place already, you might be thinking about planting some of this foliage right near the exterior module of your AC system, the condenser. You want to avoid blocking the airflow across the condenser’s coils at all costs. It needs the proper amount of airflow to function well and efficiently. Many homeowners make the mistake of planting too close to their outdoor unit.

To create the right amount of airflow, leave about two to three feet of clearance on every side of this unit. The overarching goal of these efforts is to make sure that the leaves do not become a part of the unit’s airflow pattern. Also, you do not want your outdoor unit to struggle for air.

Along this same line, take the time to clean the area around your HVAC condenser. Pick up leaves, twigs and any solid objects in the area. You’ll also need to keep your grass trimmed, but make sure to turn off the unit before you start mowing. Another critical thing to remember is that your condenser should always be readily accessible to your HVAC technician.

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Add Ground Cover

Planting vines, bushes, and shrubs strategically around your home can add to the aesthetic beauty of your property. Also, it offers excellent shade for the ground, improving the overall efficacy of your air conditioner.

Shading the driveway, walkways, and pavement is especially helpful for reducing the amount of ground heat. Without the shade, the ground heat reflects onto the building structure. This added heat makes your AC unit work harder and increases your energy costs. You should use plants in these areas that spread fast. Choose plants that remain hearty and vibrant even after the seasonal rains have dried up.

Turn Your Roof Into A Beautiful Garden

Even with the shelter from the sun from a few, quality shade trees, a green roof or a rooftop garden can still improve the efficiency of your cooling unit. A roof-garden is merely a vegetative layer that you cultivate right on the roof. It helps absorb the sun’s heat via a process called evapotranspiration. Rooftop gardens also insulate buildings and can even extend the lifespans of roofs overall. So long as your home’s ceiling doesn’t have a sharp, steep slope, think about planting a rooftop garden. With it, you can experience a decrease in your HVAC-related spending of up to 50 percent.

Preventative Maintenance For Your Heating & Cooling System

AC issuesNow is the best time to start planning your landscaping design, and with energy savings as a top priority. As long as you implement these strategies correctly, they can make your home HVAC system far more efficient. They’ll even improve its lifespan as well. On this same subject, why not combine this strategy with routine maintenance and tune-ups? Annual preventative maintenance helps keep your home cooling equipment working it’s very best, prevents unnecessary repairs, and avoids premature replacement of your system.

Much like your car needs regular servicing to ensure ongoing, excellent performance, air conditioners need this same level of attention and care to remain at peak performance as well.

You should have your home AC system inspected by a professional before using any of these strategies. After all, it makes absolutely no sense to plan a road trip without scheduling a car inspection and tune-up. Be sure to locate and search for the very best “residential HVAC contractors near me.”

With an AC tune-up, your home cooling system will work like it should when the temperatures start rising. These efforts will make it easier for this equipment to create ambient temperatures indoors. Even better, it does this without having to work hard and use a tremendous amount of energy in the process.

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