How To Keep Your Energy Costs Down This Winter

energy billsEnergy is one of the most important resources. Each year, American households and businesses pay about $190 billion in electricity costs, and about 30% of this energy is wasted. Even with programs such as Energy Star, Americans continue to pay for the energy they hardly use or are using inefficiently. This not only costs consumers but it also puts a strain on the nation’s resources.

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How To Keep Your Shrewsbury HVAC Costs Down This Winter

Homeowners are always interested in finding ways to reduce their home heating costs.

Fortunately, there are simple ways to pay less on your energy bill while staying comfortable at the same time. In this article, you will learn the best ways to achieve this.

Check The Doors And Windows For Air Drafts

Before the winter months, begin checking corners of windows and doors, particularly where the joints are. Cracks and warps where concrete, vinyl, and wood meet can let heat escape and allow cold air in. In many cases, DIY insulation is an excellent, cost-effective solution to try. By weather-stripping windows and doors, you can maintain heat inside your home and prevent a drop in temperature.

Heating System: Schedule Tune-Ups & Repairs

HVAC serviceThe best assurance that the heating system of your home is ready for cold weather is by having it checked by a licensed technician prior to the winter months. The system can be inspected and cleaned, and any damaged parts replaced to make sure that your furnace will function well when it is needed most.

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Keep The Thermostat’s Temperature Lower

You can cut an estimated 10% off your heating bill if you simply turn down the thermostat by at least 10 degrees while you sleep. If the slight drop in temperature bothers you, use a comforter or thick sheets for the bed. Thicker sheets and certain fabrics such as flannel are better at allowing you to use your body heat as insulation during sleep, even with the thermostat at a low setting. Likewise, you can reduce your thermostat’s setting when you are out for the day at work. There is no need to heat an empty home.

Turn Off the Space Heater When You’re Not Using It

This tip works well if you have a space heater. With a space heater, you can only turn on the heat in rooms or areas of your home that you intend to use and simply keep unused rooms unheated. If some rooms are unoccupied, there really is no need to turn on the heat. Also, you should never leave space heaters on when you are not in the room.

Moisten The Air & Increase Your Home’s Humidity Levels

Dry air does not feel as warm as moist air because moisture retains heat.

Adding a humidifier helps to increase warmth and comfort even if the thermostat is at a lower setting. Adding houseplants to a room can also help increase humidity. Plant roots absorb water, then release the moisture through the leaves and stems. When water evaporates, it turns into air molecules that increase indoor humidity.

Many plants, such as English ivy, peace lily, spider plant, and areca palm are not only efficient at increasing moisture, they are also decorative and effective in removing air pollutants.

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Ceiling Fans: Run Them Clockwise During The Winter

ceiling fanCeiling fans improve airflow and circulation indoors. Fan blades that turn counterclockwise pull hot air to the ceiling, making them helpful and cost-effective during summer months. Fan blades that turn clockwise, on the other hand, are better at retaining heat during winter. When using ceiling fans, turn them on at the lowest setting to make them more efficient at keeping your home warm.

Are You Wearing Layers In The House?

Use layers of clothing or fabric to keep yourself comfortable indoors.

Wear thick shirts, sweaters, and socks, and wrap shawls around your neck. Carpets on floors can help keep them warm. If you have wooden, tiled, or concrete floors, try placing rugs in key areas. You may even place throw blankets on couches for added warmth.

Utilize Natural Heat During The Day

The sun is an excellent source of light and heat free of cost. It helps well during autumn and into the early days of winter when heating requirements begin to go up. Keep curtains open to allow light coming from the east- and south-facing windows in. Once the sun sets, draw the curtains to retain the heat in the evening.



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