2016 National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) Goals

Oilheat users take notice: the most recent National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) goals could have big impacts on the future of your home heating system. NORA is a government-sanctioned program designed to help consumers access dependable, cost-effective heat and hot water. The program utilizes research and technical education to improve fuel choices and assist manufacturers in developing energy-efficient boilers, furnaces, and other products. NORA has recently outlined new goals and developments for 2016, which are important for every New Jersey homeowner to consider.

Opening a New Research and Training Center

NORA is opening a research, education, and training center in New York this year that will include classrooms, training equipment, a large conference room, and a dedicated research lab. The center has countless potential uses, from demonstrating units to real estate agents to educating manufacturers, home inspectors, technicians, and trainers. The ability to research in-house, in particular, is an efficient, cost-effective way to pursue technical advancements. NORA also plans to host a large-scale research conference in late 2016 with industry-specific presentations and discussions.

Continuing Research into Biofuel

NORA is one of many programs leading the way in biofuel research, which is part of a slow transitional process aimed at finding usable and effective renewable fuels. An example of biofuel is a mixture of about 80% heating oil and 20% biodiesel. Biodiesel is comprised of plant-based oils such as soybean, canola, or palm oils, which are low-carbon, renewable resources.

Before biofuel can be expanded and used more widely, however, researchers have a lot to explore, including:

• The availability and sustainability of alternate fuel sources

• How different biodiesel blends may burn in different ways

• How higher blends of biofuel compare to other fuel options including traditional fuel oil

• How biofuel compares in terms of cost, warmth, and efficiency

• If materials will degrade during long-term storage

• How safe new fuel blends are for business and homeowners

• How increased demand for biofuel may affect food suppliers

As NORA continues to research biodiesel options, it will also work with manufacturers to design and certify the next generation of equipment that is capable of accommodating new fuel types.

Improving and Expanding Consumer Outreach

The National Oilheat Research Alliance’s sponsored website is full of valuable information for homeowners, from energy conservation tips to seasonal price predictions. As of this year, the program plans to invest $1 million in digital outreach campaigns to drive consumer web traffic, educating homeowners on the benefits of the fuel. The site is not only for prospective fuel-buyers, however. Once there, visitors will also find tips for buying or selling a home with an oil-heating unit, as well as tips on upgrading equipment and making other educated decisions.

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