3 HVAC Smells to Never Ignore

Strange odors coming from your heating and cooling system is not an issue to be taken lightly. While many HVAC smells aren’t always serious, some can indicate (urgent) problems that may lead to equipment failure, or worse, home safety concerns. Anything other than a normal smell should always indicate a red flag and be investigated by a professional HVAC technician to ensure your system is operating safely.

But to help you determine the root of the foul cause, here are 3 common HVAC smells to help you determine what they could be.

1. Musty HVAC Smells

One of the most common HVAC odors is a moldy, musty smell typically caused by standing water in drain pans. It can also be caused by debris trapped in or near air ducts, poorly installed drain lines or leaky ductwork. Dry Trap Syndrome or Dirty Socks Syndrome can also cause mildew odors.

Thankfully, getting rid of your brother’s gym bag smell is fairly easy, but it requires upkeep. Schedule an annual maintenance check with Lawes which includes the cleaning of your coils and other important check points to keep those HVAC smells at bay and your unit in tiptop shape.

2. Dusty or Burning HVAC Smells

A dusty smell is common at the start of a season as accumulated dust is stirred up. Change the furnace’s air filter to see if the smell goes away; but if it continues, it could indicate a more serious electrical problem.

Electrical odors merit immediate attention, especially since you may be dealing with a potential fire hazard. If you notice a strong burning smell, it could be due to a problem within the motor or caused by loose electrical connections which could lead to overheating and cause wiring insulation to melt.

3. Rotten Eggs

Assuming you don’t have any food rotting in your kitchen, the smell of rotten eggs most likely indicates a natural gas leak and not to be taken lightly. Open the windows in your home, evacuate immediately then call the utility company for assistance.

Dealing with Strange HVAC Smells

Homeowners can best prevent strange HVAC smells by replacing the air filter regularly and scheduling a regular  HVAC system inspection with a professional technician to look for faulty wiring, worn or loose belts and inspect general wear and tear on the unit. Give yourself peace of mind that you’ve done everything you can to make sure your HVAC unit is ready to run safely for every season ahead.

If you need HVAC work in your home or small business in Monmouth County, NJ, turn to the experts at Lawes for your professional heating and cooling services to keep your HVAC working like it should. For regular maintenance or 24/7 emergency service, we’re here to help you with all your HVAC concerns, yes, even the smelly ones.

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