3 Signs Your Air Conditioning Needs Repair

Many New Jersey residents rely on air conditioning systems to be comfortable in their homes over the summer months. This is why it’s important to make sure that your air conditioning is regularly maintained and repaired.

The Importance of Air Conditioning Repairs

The US Energy Information Administration reports 87% of all U.S. households are now equipped with air conditioning. But not everyone that owns an AC is aware that they require regular maintenance, just like your cars. Imagine letting your vehicle sit in your garage for more than half of the year. You would no doubt get it checked out before running it at full speed for three months. The same goes for your HVAC unit.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

The 3 Signs It’s Time to Repair Your Air Conditioning System

Don’t get caught in the heat with a poorly functioning air conditioning system. Look out for these three signs that indicate the need for repair before disaster strikes and lengthen the life of your unit.

1. Check Your Filter’s MERV

Clean your air filter and air vents frequently. Dirt in the filter can negatively impact your air conditioner’s efficiency (and health). One sign to check whether or not your filter is to check what is called the MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value).

The filters in your unit will have a MERV measurement which is recorded on a scale between 1 and 12. Crucially, the higher the number, the more filtration your air conditioning is providing. A high number may indicate that your air conditioning unit is overworking which can lead to bigger problems down the road.

If your MERV reading is high, it’s time to call in for maintenance of your unit.

2. It’s Been a Year since Your Last Inspection

Whether or not your air conditioning system appears to need a repair, regular maintenance will increase the efficiency, improve performance and reduce the risk of bigger (pricier) repairs.

Our HVAC experts at Lawes recommend having your unit serviced and cleaned annually. This helps to ensure that your air conditioner operates smoothly and optimally. Importantly, don’t wait for your air conditioner to break down, schedule a recurring reminder into your calendar for your regular check-up (along with your physical, dental appointment and oil changes). Your air conditioner will only achieve peak efficiency levels if it’s well maintained regularly.

3. Your Electric Bills Are Abnormally High

Have you noticed that your electric bill is suddenly abnormally high? Perhaps since you’ve turned it on for the summer, your bill seems to be higher than it was this time last year? Douglas Trattner at House Logic explains that an increase in the costs of operating your air conditioner may demonstrate inefficient operation. Your air conditioning system may be overworking due to a choked condensing coil. This coil is found within the outdoor unit, where it can collect dust and debris. This can lead to damage, causing a further strain on your air conditioning unit.

Be Prepared with Lawes

Checking these three tell-tale signs will help you stay cool and comfortable when the heat arrives. Instead of waiting until failures happen, check your air conditioner now if you suspect that any of these three signs may be present.

For more pro tips on how to cool your home this summer, visit our site at Lawes Heating and Cooling today.