3 Things to Check before Calling the Air Conditioning Repairman

The hot summers in Monmouth County, NJ make the air conditioner one of the most important appliances in your home. Unfortunately, like many other pieces of equipment, things can go haywire. Settings can be wrong, wiring can go bad, and many other issues will cause problems within an AC unit. The good news is that many of these problems can be fixed easily. While we love to hear from our customers, there are few simple things you can on your own before calling a Lawes air conditioning repairman.

1. Check the Thermostat

It could be improperly set, its battery may need replacement (if it is battery powered) or it could be covered in dirt or dust. Adjust the setting, replace the battery and clean the thermostat gently. Give it a little time to adjust to the new conditions before changing the temperature again.

2. Check the Filters

Dirty filters can cause the air conditioner to work harder, choke or ice up. It is, therefore, very important that they be clean at all times. Electrostatic filters can be cleaned and disposable filters can be replaced. Also, make sure the space around the air handler is clear, because if you have furniture, curtains or any other items around it, they could be obstructing air flow.

3. Check the Breakers

Another important thing to keep in mind before calling an air conditioning repairman is to make sure the breakers are in order. If a power outage recently happened, the breaker may be flipped off and will prevent the unit from turning on at all. You should turn off and then turn on the breaker next to the air conditioner’s condenser unit. If there is nothing wrong with it, check the home circuit breaker to make sure it is not tripped.

The air handler also needs to be checked; these are usually located in the attic and they often get disconnected. Reconnecting the air handler is a simple task that a homeowner can do on their own.

If Your System Is Still Not Working, Call the Air Conditioning Repairman

If you have performed all the above checks and your system is still not working, your best bet is to ask for professional help. Trying anything else could jeopardize your system’s functionality for good or cause further damage to your unit. The experienced technicians at Lawes can fix your AC unit quickly, so you and your family can be comfortable this summer. Trust Lawes. We’ve been a family business since 1926. We treat one another like family and we’ll treat you like family, too. Visit our website or call at (732) 741- 6302 to learn more about our business or about what homeowners can do to maintain their AC units.