4 Crucial Tips for Surviving the Heat at Night

Hot New Jersey days lead into hot nights. Your bedroom should be a place of comfort and relaxation, not survival of the hot sweats. It is well known that getting some much needed sleep is important for all areas of our life. But the heat of Jersey summers can cause many problems when it comes to your well-being and health. So, how can you make sure that you get the sleep you need when the heat makes sleeping uncomfortable? Our experts share some cool tips below to create the ideal environment for sleeping…despite the heat.

4 Ways to Sleep Better, Even During the Hot Summer Months

1.  Check Air Conditioning Efficiently

Your AC can be a life-saver during the hot summer nights. However, just having an air conditioner isn’t enough. Many Americans don’t realize that they need to regularly maintain their HVAC units to provide optimal comfort in the summer. Because many factors affect how effective your air conditioner is working, including the cleanliness of vents, it is critical to have your air conditioner checked annually to ensure that it is working efficiently.

2.  Don’t Set Air Conditioner Too Cool

There are potential risks of setting your air conditioner too low. By setting it at a very low temperature (in hopes to cool you off faster), you’re actually causing the air conditioner to run almost continuously which will drive up your bills dramatically. Also, in order to maintain this super cool requested temperature, the motor will keep running and put unnecessary strain on all moving parts (wearing it out sooner). So, set your thermostat at a comfortable temperature, be patient and you’ll save the wear and tear on your machine.

3.  Sleeping in Quality Cotton To Help Your Skin Breathe

Sophie Breene at Greatist writes of the importance of choosing the right materials to sleep in. Choose bed linen and nightwear that is cotton rather than other materials. Cotton helps your skin breathe and feels lighter, helping you to feel cooler throughout the night. Egyptian cotton is an excellent choice, because it’s weave pattern helps enable circulation.

4.  Rearrange Furniture to Allow Air to Circulate

Scan your rooms to make sure that furniture isn’t obstructing the vents and flow of cool air that will help to keep you cool overnight. Move furniture, drapes and toys away from registers to help air flow fluidly around the room. Remember that closing vents in certain rooms will not actually help cool your home faster but it will create extra strain for your HVAC unit.

Making Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference to Your Sleep

These four tips are easy to implement, yet can make a real difference to the quality of your sleep during the summer. Sleeping better really matters, so take some time to prepare for a good, summer night’s sleep.

For more pro tips on how to cool your home this summer, visit our site at Lawes Heating and Cooling today. No matter where you purchased your HVAC unit, Lawes can help you repair and maintain it for maximum efficiency.