5 Benefits of Biofuel Heating Oil in New Jersey

Here at Lawes, we understand the need for a sustainable future with clean heating options. That’s why we offer biofuel heating oil in New Jersey; it works just like any other home heating oil…only better.

Biofuel is a blend of ultra-low sulfur heating fuel with renewable resources like plant materials that offer a domestic, sustainable heating oil replacement option for residents and businesses in New Jersey. As biofuels become a new standard for residential and commercial heating, it’s important to stay informed.

Benefits of Biofuel Heating Oil in New Jersey

1. Clean

Renewable sources of biofuel include agricultural products such as: rapeseed, soy, tallow, sugar cane, corn, palm oil, waste vegetable oil and used vegetable oil. It’s carbon neutral, and helps to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere. When the crops grow that are used to create the oil, they absorb the same amount of carbon dioxide that is eventually released when the fuel is burned later in its lifespan.

As one of your cleanest options, biofuel heating oil has a significant impact on your carbon emissions resulting in better air quality. It burns clean, does not contribute to the carbon dioxide (CO2) burden, is non-toxic and essentially sulfur-free.

2. Affordable

Affordable and abundant; this biodegradable choice is derived from sustainable resources that will not run out. Biofuel heating oil is comparable in price to standard heating oil (it can often cost less, in fact). Plus, you may even qualify for government tax incentives if you make the switch.

3. Efficient

Because it burns cleaner, it also increases your heating system efficiency. A high efficient system requires less tune-ups and ultimately prevents costly breakdowns that could lead to big repair bills. In addition, heating oil’s flame is the hottest of all heating fuels, thus, extending the life of your equipment and lowering your oil bills.

4. Supporting America

Because bioheat is made from biodiesel blended in fatty acids found from soybeans in the USA. By choosing to heat your home with biofuel, you’re supporting new jobs in America. Using this fuel limits our dependency on foreign oil and helps to support local economic growth as well.

5. Convenient

There’s no need to modify your current home heating system. Many conventional systems are compatible with biofuel heating oil which makes switching easy. Plus, delivery is easier than ever. Biofuel heating oil in New Jersey can be purchased through your account via automatic delivery or ‘will call.’

Biofuel Heating Oil in New Jersey from Lawes

The benefits of using biofuel heating oil are clear.

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