5 Commercial Heating Oil Benefits

Are you considering converting to oil heat? Countless business owners in Monmouth County rely on this cost-effective, clean-burning fuel source, and with good reason. Here are just five reasons to consider commercial heating oil:

1. Competitive Prices

Over the past decade, heating oil has proven to be consistently more cost effective than its competitors, including propane and electricity. Although fuel prices fluctuate, you can also rest assured knowing that your business is paying fair prices for your fuel. This is thanks to both local and national competitive pricing, which helps protect both supplier and consumer. In addition, your supplier’s ability to store bulk amounts of fuel will help them pass more savings on to your business.

2. Automatic Delivery of Commercial Heating Oil

There is no need to have dedicated personnel on hand to manage your heating system. Instead, build a contract with your fuel supplier to handle automatic delivery as well as routine maintenance and repairs. Your usage will be charted and future deliveries automatically scheduled, with no risk of your business running out of fuel.

3. Efficient, Even Heating

Depending on your business’s physical location, you may have run into two common heating issues in the past: slow temperature gains and uneven heating. Oil heat burns at a much higher temperature than propane, which helps it heat homes, office buildings, and larger, open indoor spaces much more quickly. The concentrated heat will also distribute evenly, ensuring that each room or office is comfortable.

Switching to an oil-burning unit could also help reduce your annual energy costs. Since most modern units are between 85%-95% effective, most of every dollar put toward heating will go directly toward heating, not toward transportation, storage, and combustion costs.

4. Safe and Clean-Burning

If you grew up in the 70s or 80s, you might remember units that produced soot, dirt, or unpleasant odors. Today’s units are almost entirely clean-burning and will not send any residual dirt or grime into your ductwork. In addition, the fuel must be vaporized to use and will not burn in a liquid state. Finally, although the tanks are fully secured, any spill or leak is non-toxic and poses no harm to the immediate air quality. The result is a non-flammable, non-explosive, and readily available fuel perfect for use in both homes and businesses.

5. Versatile

Units Supply Heat and Hot Water One of the best ways to lower your yearly utility bill is to upgrade to a versatile oil-burning system. The burners can quickly produce enough hot air and water to keep the building warm and fully functional. The ductwork may also be adaptable for central air conditioning, and the unit can be used produce hot water in warmer month, even when hot air is not needed.

Lawes Has your Commercial Heating Oil Needs Covered

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