7 Benefits Of Oil Heat: Keep Your Business Warm

When it comes to heating your business, oil heat has many advantages over other types of that many people may not have considered. From safety aspects to cost efficiency to environmental friendliness, modern oil heat is the smart choice for businesses and homes alike. Below are just a few reasons why:

1: Stable

An undetected natural gas or propane leak can lead to a deadly, destructive explosion, but an oil leak poses no such danger. Oil is very stable and has a flash point of 140 degrees. It will not ignite in a liquid state, even if a match is dropped into a spill. That means a big measure of extra safety for you, your employees, and your livelihood.

2: Safety

Inhaling gas fumes can be deadly, but with oil that’s simply not a problem, as any fumes produced are non-lethal. Further, a malfunction in a gas heating system produces carbon monoxide without warning, but a problem with an oil system will be readily apparent by the presence of smoke, odor, or other telltale signs before any such deadly gases have a chance to be released.

3: Clean-Burning

According to the EPA, modern oil burners are among the cleanest combustion systems available, with modern heating units emitting almost nothing by way of smoke or combustible discharge. New oil fuels are also cleaner than ever, and unlike natural gas, oil does not release methane into the atmosphere, further protecting the environment and the “green” status of your company.

4: Hotter Flames

Oil burns with a flame that’s 400 degrees hotter than gas, and that means faster, more efficient heating in your business. That can be especially important in saving on costs when you have large areas to heat and are frequently opening doors that let cold air in and warm air out. Additionally, choosing oil to heat your hot water supply will prove to be hotter, faster, and less expensive than alternative means.

5: Dependable

Severe cold weather can bring gas line pressure drops that reduce heat output. With oil, there’s no such problem, and maximum efficiency is available at all times. Your oil supply is right on your premises, replenished automatically by your oil delivery service, based on temperature conditions and usage history. That means your employees are always comfortable, and any products or processes that require a stable temperature environment are safe.

6: Lower Prices

The heating oil prices have been dropping in recent years while the price for natural gas has been rising. Combining those facts with oil’s more efficient heating abilities means big savings in fuel costs over other forms of heating, helping your bottom line.

7: Full-Service
Routine maintenance for any type of heating system is a necessity for keeping it operating at peak efficiency and reducing overall repair costs. As part of your oil heat contract, your oil delivery company can provide the regular tune-ups and adjustments needed to maximize fuel efficiency and prevent expensive breakdowns in the system. Oil heat professionals, who know your system best, will regularly be on hand to ensure that your automated oil delivery goes smoothly and that your system is at its best. With other forms of heating, you’ll have to rely on an additional, outside company to handle your maintenance needs.

A Family Business for Your Family

With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why many businesses choose oil-based systems to meet their heating needs. Whether you’re thinking of switching over to oil or about modernizing your current oil system, consult with the experts at Lawes, a family business, so you can be confident that you’re getting the most in value and safety.