9 Simple Ways to Lower Cooling Costs this Summer

reducing cooling costsFixing your older air condition unit may soon cost you more than replacing it. It’s a chilling thought, we agree. But, due to the government mandated phase out of R-22 refrigerant, we’re predicting that sharp price spikes are soon to follow.

R-22, believed to contribute to ozone depletion, will be discontinued in 2020. This year, production will be reduced by 28% from 2016 levels. As supplies decrease, prices increase.


What can you do about the rising costs?


Don’t sweat it, we have all your air conditioning needs covered. Here are 9 simple ways to save on cooling costs this summer.

9 Ways to Lower Cooling Costs this Summer

1. Install a High Efficiency Air Conditioner

Shopping for a new air conditioner? Be sure to choose one that has the Energy Star seal. Not only will the higher efficiency rating mean you’ll save money over time, but many energy companies even offer rebates, just for making the smarter choice. Cha-Ching!

2. Clean It Up

It’s a must. You must make sure your unit is clean to ensure it runs smoothly. Clean or replace your air conditioning filters as often as once a month throughout the summer months. Don’t know what your filter looks like or where to find it? Not to worry, give us a call!

3. Do Sweat the Small Stuff

Every degree you lower your thermostat, you have the chance to increase energy savings by up to 6 percent. So, next time you come in from the heat and set your thermostat, just remember, you just want to feel comfortable—not a chill.

4. Close the Door

And the windows. Anytime you have your AC running, keep the door and windows closed. We want the cool air to stay in and the hot air to stay out.

5. Reduce Heat Gains

In the high sunlight hours, close your curtains and lower the blinds to block out the sun’s hot rays. You may even consider installing exterior awnings over south- and west-facing windows and doors to reduce even more heat gain.

6. Run Appliances Early or Late

Don’t get in the way of your AC. Schedule all your heat producing chores in the early morning or late at night when temperatures are lowest. Do this with appliances like the washing machine, dryer, dishwasher and oven, and you’ll not only save on straining your AC unit, but also cut energy costs too.

7. Guard Your Thermostat

Move electronics such as lamps and TVs away from your thermostat. If they’re too close, the thermostat will pick up ambient heat and force your AC to run longer than it needs to. Also, swap out your inefficient bulbs for high efficient CFL light bulbs, which also give off less heat.

8. Use Your Ceiling Fan

Make your own summer breeze with your ceiling fan. Just make sure it’s rotating in the right direction: counterclockwise. This way it will push air downward for a cooling effect.

9. Fix it or Ditch it?

We understand: upgrading any appliance is an investment, but the increased energy savings are sure to offset the initial costs faster than you realize. And now with the increasing costs of R-22 refrigerant, repairs are going to get even costlier. Give our home comfort specialists a call today to look at your HVAC unit to make some recommendations.

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Lower cooling costs for good with one of the tips above and contact us today at (732) 741- 6302 for all your family’s heating and cooling needs.