Why is My Home AC Blowing Warm Air?

Summer days in Monmouth County, New Jersey can be hot and sticky. Some days, they can feel like a steam room. Literally, you feel like you just walked through the door of a mist-filled, lavender-scented steam room all those relaxing spas have across town. Only, you’re not at the spa…and there’s no lavender. The NJ summer sun can so powerful that anyone (or anything) exposed to its heat can take a serious beating. Exposed to the sun all day, your air conditioner unit can start to display signs of wear and tear – desperate signs for a day at the spa. Seriously, though…if you feel your home AC blowing warm air or making strange sounds. Give the cooling experts at Lawes a call.

Follow our tips below to prevent an AC system breakdown this summer.

Reasons You Feel Your Home AC Blowing Warm Air

If you feel your home AC blowing warm air, this could be caused by a number of factors ranging from a refrigerant leak to a mechanical or electrical problem.

Dirty Condenser

There’s a good chance that the condenser is just dirty. If cleaning the condenser unit doesn’t solve the problem, then most likely you’ll need to have your refrigerant recharged. This is something best left to the professionals.

Low Refrigerant

Your air conditioner needs a proper refrigerant charge to cool your home, a leak is typically the culprit that can leave you feeling heated in more ways than one.

Lack of Maintenance

Heat outside and take a look at your air conditioner unit. If anything is blocking the condenser coils air flow, like dirt or debris, this can seriously impact your AC’s ability to cool things down. Regular maintenance will increase efficiency, improve performance and reduce risk of repairs.

Human Error

As direct as this may sound… you could be to blame. A simple human error in the AC settings could be the reason for your hot air blowout. Someone could have moved the selector switch to “heat” instead of putting it on “cool”. If that’s the case (we promise we won’t judge), all you need to do is to switch it back to “cool” mode to resume proper functioning again.

Prevent An AC System Breakdown

So, there you have it: the basics in keeping your cooling system running efficiently and should be used to give you a better idea and understanding of your unit. Most likely it’s a simple fix rather than a complete replacement, but we can do that, too.

Stay Cool with Lawes

In New Jersey, your AC system generally needs a thorough pre-season check-up due to all the dust and debris (and hello, all that pollen) that has accumulated in and on your system over the past few seasons. Never try to perform professional maintenance to your system if you haven’t been trained to do so. Leaving that for a certified HVAC technician at Lawes is the safest and most reliable way to go.

Lawes Heating and Cooling Company NJ provides all the essential repairs, tune-ups, and installations you may need for your cooling desires. Whatever brand or model your central air unit may be, we can service it! Contact us at (732) 741- 6302 to get started.