Why Purchasing Your Heating Oil In Summer Is The Best Choice

image of a new jersey home in summer that uses heating oil

Heating oil isn’t something that people generally think about in summer. However, this is actually the best time to start thinking about it. For example, your boiler isn’t doing much, giving you ample opportunity to prepare for the upcoming season. This article shares a few summer heating oil tips to put to use right now.

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General Preventive Maintenance For Your Standby Generator

image of a power outage depicting whole-house generator maintenance

A standby generator maintains your power supply even if there’s an outage. However, just like other appliances, you need to keep your generator in good shape. For a reliable power generator, you will need to conduct regular standby generator maintenance. This way, it can supply power to your appliances at a moment’s notice.

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Why Is My AC Compressor Working But Not Cooling?

image of an air conditioner air vent depicting ac outdoor unit that is working but not cooling

It feels like nothing could be worse when it is smothering hot and the air conditioner does not cool the way it is supposed to do. Energy levels dip, sleep can be difficult, and discomfort is an unwelcome companion. A working air conditioner is a summer essential. When air conditioners run, but don’t cool the air as they should, they draw the energy without cooling the air. When this happens to you, it is time to call the experts. Here we’ll explain one of the most common problems with an AC system – the AC compressor working but not cooling.

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Heat Pump Compressor Not Turning On

image of homeowner adjusting heat pump thermostat since heat pump compressor not turning on

Heat pumps are highly versatile, making them extremely useful in any season throughout the year. However, like any machine, they may display an issue from time to time. For example, what if your heat pump compressor doesn’t turn on? This article discusses the causes and solutions for this common heat pump problem.

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What To Do If Your Air Conditioner Starts Leaking Water

image of air conditioner leaking water inside the home

Does your air conditioner have water coming out of it? Although you shouldn’t be too concerned about a small trickle, you should still regularly check your air conditioning equipment to identify small problems as early as possible. Keep reading to learn all about the common causes of an air conditioner that leaks water.

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Oil Tank Condensation: What You Need To Know

image of water depicting water in fuel oil tank

Oil heating systems depend on the fuel stored in oil tanks. It is a great setup, but it is certainly not flawless. There are situations where water may seep inside of a heating oil tank and wreak havoc. It happens all the time but, fortunately, homeowners have several options for prevention.

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Why Is It So Humid In My House?

feeling hot and sticky due to high humidity levels at home during summer

Comfort in the home extends beyond the temperature. Humidity is another factor to consider for families. “Why is my house so humid?” is a frequently asked question by homeowners. In this article, we discuss the causes of high humidity and how to solve this indoor air quality problem in your home.

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Air Conditioner Makes Loud Noise When Starting

young homeowner covering ears due to loud noises from air conditioning unit when starting

All air conditioners make a certain degree of noise when operating. However, should you hear that your air conditioning unit is emitting an unusual sound, be sure to pay close attention. An AC unit produces distinctive types of noises, each of them pointing toward a unique issue that needs to be addressed.

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What To Do When Your AC Trips Your Breaker

image of a circuit breaker that controls air conditioning system

When the outside AC unit keeps tripping the breaker, it can quickly grow as uncomfortable inside as it is outside. This article discusses some common causes for this type of air conditioning issue. We also share some practical solutions on how to address this problem and methods to prevent it from happening in the future.

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Top Reasons Your Heat Pump Won’t Turn Off

image of a heat pump that wont turn off

More homes in temperate climates use heat pumps. They offer efficiency, versatility, and more. Like all machinery, a heat pump can experience a problem every so often. A common problem many homeowners encounter is when their heat pump won’t turn off. This article discusses several reasons for this type of issue.

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