Make Life a Little Easier with Automatic Oil Delivery Service and 9 More Money-Saving Hacks

Household-hacks, game-changers, time-savers…call them what you must. They all refer to those handy tricks that make your life just a bit easier and much more budget friendly. Who doesn’t like the sound of that? From apps to automatic oil delivery service, get ready to save time, effort and energy with these 10 money saving tips for around the home.

10 Quick and Easy Ways to Save Around the House

1. Turn Off the Lights

It’s as simple as turning off the lights, especially incandescent bulbs, and unplug lamps for extra savings. And since we most live in a sea of electronics, all those ‘vampires’ add up to a home’s electricity bill. So, if you’re not using it, pull the plug.

2. Switch Ceiling Fan Direction

Change the direction of your fan whenever you switch between AC and heat to keep rooms more comfortable all year long. In the winter, reverse the motor and operate the ceiling fan at low speed in the clockwise direction.

3. Lower the Heat

It’s no mystery that keeping your thermostat in check will help save money. It is estimated that you can save 1% for every degree you adjust down in the winter.

4. Insulate Outlets

Stop heat loss and drafts with inexpensive, easy-to-install foam insulating gaskets on the back of electrical wall switches and outlets.

5. Bubble Wrap Windows

In the fall, lightly mist the inside of uninsulated windows with water and apply a sheet of sized bubble wrap, bubble side facing the pane. The bubble wrap will cling to the window all winter long, boosting the insulating value, and come off neatly in the spring.

6. Close Closet Doors

Help keep your energy costs lower by closing closet doors so you aren’t needlessly heating and cooling closet space.

7. Sign Up for Automatic Oil Delivery Service

Save time and money by signing up for an automatic oil delivery service. You won’t need to keep checking your tank to try to figure out how much oil you have left; leave that up to us. Our Tank Experts at Lawes Environmental Services will track your oil heat usage and deliver a new supply to your home when you need it. We even deliver on nights, weekends and holidays. Now, who can beat that?!

8. Change/Clean Filters

This life-hack tip applies to everything from changing the HVAC filters to cleaning the dryer screens to cleaning the dishwasher filter. Keeping screens clean or replacing them on schedule will help appliances run more efficiently and economically.

9. Schedule an Annual HVAC Tune-Up

Remember to get an annual checkup to save big on future home energy bills. Our professional HVAC technicians can spot problems and correct inefficiencies.

10. Invest in an Eco-Friendly HVAC

Yes, buying a new HVAC unit isn’t cheap. But modern Energy Star models are much more efficient which leads to extra energy and cost savings down the road. Look for a unit with a high-energy efficiency ratio (EER) and you may also qualify for a tax credit for bonus savings.

Lawes Home Heating Oil and Automatic Oil Delivery Service

Heating and cooling are a home’s most expensive systems, typically chewing up 48 percent of the utility budget, according to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). And New Jersey bills are particularly big…and expected to get bigger this winter. With over 85 years in the business, our tank experts and home comfort specialists are here to help you stay warm and save money at the same time. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back for implementing these money-saving hacks, you should start to see a significant savings in your energy bills almost immediately!

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