Benefits of Oil Heat in Your Home

Are you afraid to examine your electric bill each month? Are you tired of waiting for your home to heat up or cool down? Consider converting to oil heat, the system proven to be a safe, efficient, and economical way to heat your home. Here are the primary benefits of oil heat:


The fuel oil used to heat homes is extremely stable, making it a safe option for homeowners. It is non-explosive, and it will not burn or release excess vapors in a liquid state, unlike gaseous fuels. Properly installed oil-fired heating units are also clean, giving off no observable dirt, soot, or unwanted odors. In addition, newer oil-burning systems are much more environmentally friendly than older designs and burning other types of fuel. Part of the reason for this is that oil heat contains no carcinogens, or cancer-causing agents, that can be extremely harmful to any residents. Find out some safety tips for heating your home this winter and learn how to ensure your oil heater is working safely and properly.


When you walk into a house or business heated by oil, you can immediately feel the difference. The cozy, comfortable atmosphere will be palpable, all thanks to the heating source. Fuel oil burns at about 400 degrees hotter than other fuels. This very high temperature required for heating means that all oil-heated homes warm very quickly. This makes oil heating the most efficient option available to homeowners. As furnace technologies continue to advance, modern oil heating systems are more effective and low-emission than ever. If your property is currently heated by an older natural gas or electric system, converting to heating oil will dramatically increase efficiency and lower costs.


Not only will oil warm your home more quickly than other fuels, but it will also deliver more heat per unit of energy (measured in BTUs). A gallon of oil, for example, will deliver more heat than the same amount of natural gas. This means that your house will heat up faster with less fuel by using oil over any other heating material. Oil heating is also much more economical than electric-based heat, and you will not have to worry about varying electric bill amounts. Oil is a particularly cost-effective solution for heating larger houses, but you will see the savings no matter the size of your home.

Competitive Service Options

Some areas do not offer access to alternate forms of heating, such as natural gas. Other homes are heated through public utilities, which means you may have no say over the service, price, or other factors. Oil heating may be the best solution for New Jersey homeowners in either scenario, as the fuel is readily available through a variety of competitive dealers. Having a little healthy competition means that your supplier will likely go above and beyond to ensure you are satisfied with the service. In addition to fuel delivery, many dealers offer cleaning and maintenance. If you are not happy with your dealer, you have the freedom and ability to choose someone else, unlike most other heating options.


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