Top 7 Things You Should Never Do To Your AC Unit

image of a man with warning sign depicting diy air conditioner maintenance

It’s crucial to ensure that your cooling system is functioning properly. While some DIY air conditioner maintenance tasks are manageable, attempting to tackle complex tasks without proper knowledge can lead to costly mistakes and risks. To maintain efficiency and comfort, you have to be mindful of what tasks you should and should not undertake.

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What Is The Right Boiler Size For My Home?

image of question marks depicting boiler size questions

If you’re due for a boiler replacement, don’t go pointing at the biggest boiler in the room and call it a day. Remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Choosing the right boiler isn’t just about picking the biggest unit. There are multiple factors to consider. This article discusses one factor in particular – boiler size.

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Fireplaces Vs. Furnaces: Which One Is The Better Choice For Your Home?

image of a fireplace depicting fireplace vs furnace efficiency

During the winter season, the cold temperatures and snow can make it difficult to spend time outside. To stay warm indoors, choose a heating source that is efficient and cost-effective. Fireplaces and furnaces are both popular options, but which is more efficient? In this article, we’ll compare the efficiency of fireplaces and furnaces.

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Top Heat Pump Issues Homeowners Experience In Winter

image of a homeowner feeling chilly due to poor heating pump performance in winter

While the current trend is for many homeowners to switch to using a heat pump due to reliability and efficiency, there is more to it than just that. A heat pump can have some problems, just like any other home heating system. It will require a professional HVAC service from time to time. The basic…

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What is Mechanical Ventilation?

image of an hvac vent and mechanical ventilation

A comfortable home doesn’t just provide the right temperature. It also offers excellent ventilation. But, what is mechanical ventilation and how does it impact home comfort? HVAC professionals take it seriously because they know the negative effects of poor indoor air movement. This article shares some useful information on home ventilation.

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Top 10 Boiler Problems Homeowners Experience

image of a homeowner sitting by radiator and boiler not producing heat

Sudden boiler issues are never ideal, as they can leave you with a cold house and no hot water in the middle of winter. This article discusses several of the most common issues that occur with boiler systems. We will also discuss the potential causes and solutions to some of these problems.

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How Does An Oil Heating System Work?

image of knitted gloves on radiator of an oil-fired home heating system

Oil heating systems offer clean and safe operation, along with a longer lifespan compared to other fuel systems. These systems are cost-effective and efficient. Newer systems, in particular, often have impressive annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratings. In this article, we answer the question, “How does an oil heating system work?”.

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Can I Put Diesel Fuel in My Home Heating Oil Tank?

image of a diesel gas pump used as a home heating oil alternative

With families at home and a blizzardy winter storm ahead, running out of heating oil is about as bad as it gets. You can’t wait for the next heating oil delivery, especially when it compromises your family’s safety and well-being. Diesel fuel may be the perfect substitute in this situation.

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Does Your Furnace Overheat?

image of a gas furnace and flame

The peak of the winter is when heating problems start becoming obvious. This is typical as your furnace is working overtime to keep your home warm and comfortable when outdoor temps are so cold. For instance, a common problem that occurs is an overheating furnace. This article discusses more on this topic.

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