Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Standby Generator

image of a replacement standby generator

Extreme weather conditions increase the demand for power generators. If the power is out, you can rely on a standby generator. Ensure your standby generator is well maintained and in good shape to avoid unforeseen emergencies. This article provides information on the indicators that you are due for a standby generator replacement.

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Best Ways To Maintain Your Hydronic Heating System

image of residential oil boiler room

Like automobiles, a hydronic heating system requires proper servicing and maintenance to function as expected. Fortunately, homeowners with the right information can play a significant role in maintaining their systems. This article discusses some maintenance tasks that a professional should perform and others that a homeowner should take care of.

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Heat Pump Never Reaches Good Temperature In Cold Weather

image of a homeowner feeling chilly due to heat pump not keeping up during winter

Heat pumps help keep us warm during the cold season. However, homeowners should set realistic goals and choose the best solution with this type of system. This article discusses a common heat pump issue that homeowners complain about: a heat pump not keeping up when the temperatures outside are cold.

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How to Read Your Heating Oil Tank Gauge

oil tank gauge

Those who have oil-fired heating systems at home do have to ensure that their tanks are large enough to meet household demand. They also have to routinely check the levels of remaining fuel oil in their tanks by using their heating oil tank gauge. This article discusses how to read your oil tank gauge properly.

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What Is An AFUE Rating?

image of energy efficiency and home heating furnace

The HVAC system is responsible for half of your household’s energy consumption. To compensate for surging energy costs, then focus your efforts on your cooling and heating system. For example, if you have an old heating system, replace it with one that has a high AFUE. This article discusses more on AFUE ratings.

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Do Leaky Windows Affect How My Home Is Heated?

image of a window in winter depicting window air leaks

Homeowners rely on heating systems to work hard throughout the winter season. Unfortunately, if the windows, doors, or attics of the home are out of date or not sealed correctly, air leakage can be a big problem. This article will explain how an improperly sealed home can negatively affect the home heating system.

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Furnace Will Not Turn On With Thermostat

woman feeling cold at home checking the thermostat and furnace not heating

When the cold weather creeps in, people rush to their thermostat for comfort. With the press of a few buttons, the furnace will turn on and begin its heating cycle. Furnaces are reliable; however, problems may arise. A common one is when a furnace will not turn on with the thermostat.

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Identifying And Resolving Problems With Excess Noise In Your HVAC Air Ducts

image of a homeowner covering ears due to hvac ductwork making noise

Central HVAC systems produce conditioned air and then use ductwork to move it throughout the home. Ducts are typically comprised of metal, prone to making noise when disturbed. This ductwork noise can become annoying to homeowners if it grows loud. This article discusses why ductwork noise occurs and effective strategies for reducing or preventing it.

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Using Ductless As A Supplemental Heat Source

image of homeowner sleeping on couch using supplemental ductless heating

Homeowners often utilize central heating systems to avoid discomfort during the winter season. However, these heating systems can be costly to run, especially when there are unoccupied rooms in the home. Therefore, many homeowners have found that they can achieve comfort and a high level of efficiency with supplemental ductless heating.

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Why Is My Heat Pump Blowing Hot Air In Cool Mode?

man suffering from high humidity at home due to heat pump blowing hot air

Heat pumps are extremely versatile since they offer heating and cooling comfort all year round. A heat pump can easily change modes and temperature settings. However, homeowners may find that their heat pump, which is set to cool mode, is blowing hot air. This article discusses some of the common reasons for this issue.

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