10 Reasons Why Your AC Unit Isn’t Blowing Cool Air

image of a homeowner feeling hot and sticky due to ac blowing hot air

Air conditioning systems are vital to maintaining a healthy and comfortable living environment during the hot season. Their primary function is temperature and humidity regulation. However, cooling systems can experience issues like other mechanical systems. One type of issue we see around this time of year is when an AC unit isn’t blowing cold air.

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Tips on How to Protect Your HVAC Warranty

A newly installed HVAC system comes with a long-term warranty that covers unit defects, installation problems, and system failures. This means, should a problem arise, a homeowner doesn’t have to worry about repair and replacement costs. However, they need to be aware of their warranty details so they don’t accidentrally void the warranty.

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How To Avoid Heat Exhaustion & Heat Stroke When Your AC Goes Down

homeowner suffering from heat stroke and heat exhaustion due to broken air conditioner

The CDC has identified dehydration, heatstroke, and sunburn as common health risks during the summer season. Avoid these common health issues by staying cool on hot summer days. This article shares some tips on how to avoid these problems should your air conditioner quit working on a sweltering hot day.

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How Can UV Lights Improve Your HVAC System?

image of virus depicting uv lights for hvac system

Air filters may not be enough for some homes that are interested in improving indoor air quality. For example, home air filters aren’t effective against microscopic viruses and bacteria, pathogens that move throughout your home, compromising your health. Consider installing a UV light for the HVAC system to further boost air quality.

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What to Do If the Outside Fan on Your Heat Pump Is No Longer Running

image of a heat pump fan depicting outside heat pump fan not working

As with all HVAC systems, it’s important to stay on top of the recommended maintenance schedule to extend its service life. It’s also a fantastic way to prevent avoidable problems from occurring. This article discusses a common heat pump problem – the outside fan on your heat pump is no longer running.

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How Does Your HVAC Affect Your Skin?

image of dry itchy skin depicting hvac and skin issues

Your HVAC system is a lifesaver when it comes to regulating your home’s temperature and humidity level. Without it, your home would be uncomfortable in winter and summer. However, your HVAC equipment may not always be gentle on your skin. This article discusses how using your unit could affect the integrity of your skin.

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What’s The Difference Between A/C Condensers & Evaporator Coils?

air conditoner condensing coils

Many think that air conditioners directly produce cold air. However, this isn’t the case as they absorb the heat inside and release it outdoors. Several cycles of heat transfer will gradually cool down your home, making it more comfortable. Much of the work behind the scenes are performed by the condenser coils and evaporator coils.

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Tell-Tale Signs of An Overcharged Air Conditioner

image of an hvac contractor checking air conditioner refrigerant levels

Too much of anything can be as bad as too little, especially when it concerns overcharged air conditioning systems. Processing excess refrigerant can cause damage to cooling units as time passes. These systems can’t go over their ideal parameters. Keep reading to know more about overcharged AC symptoms and the dangers of this problem.

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Top 7 Things You Should Never Do To Your AC Unit

image of a man with warning sign depicting diy air conditioner maintenance

It’s crucial to ensure that your cooling system is functioning properly. While some DIY air conditioner maintenance tasks are manageable, attempting to tackle complex tasks without proper knowledge can lead to costly mistakes and risks. To maintain efficiency and comfort, you have to be mindful of what tasks you should and should not undertake.

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What Is The Right Boiler Size For My Home?

image of question marks depicting boiler size questions

If you’re due for a boiler replacement, don’t go pointing at the biggest boiler in the room and call it a day. Remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Choosing the right boiler isn’t just about picking the biggest unit. There are multiple factors to consider. This article discusses one factor in particular – boiler size.

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