7 Reasons Your Filter Isn’t Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

replacing hvac air filter

If there’s an abundance of particulates and pollutants in the indoor air, your health can gradually decline. To improve indoor air quality (IAQ), you can use the correct HVAC air filters. This article discusses why your HVAC air filter may not be improving your indoor air quality as expected.

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How to Choose An HVAC Air Filter For Homes With Pets

allergies to pets

Research has also shown that pets help improve mental and physical health. However, there is a downside. They leave dander and fur in the home, affecting the quality of air indoors. If you are a pet owner, you can prevent this by installing a good quality HVAC air filter for homes with pets.

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Common Household Products That Increase Indoor Air Pollution

indoor air pollution causes

One easy way to enhance your home’s safety and cleanliness is to improve your indoor air quality. Some household items you use may actually be decreasing the quality of the air you breathe. This article discusses what household products might cause indoor air quality issues and what you can do to improve IAQ.

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Simple Tips For Pet Owners To Improve Their Indoor Air Quality

image of a cat and dog with dander and indoor air quality

Cats and dogs give people comfort and companionship. However, there is a downside of having furry animals inside the home such as lowering the IAQ or indoor air quality. Thankfully, there are things you can do to mitigate this issue. In this article, we share some tips you can follow.

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How Does My AC Remove Humidity In My House?

feeling hot and humid in house

Having high humidity inside your house could create a lot of problems. Fortunately, you can mitigate your home humidity problem with a sound HVAC system. If your home is experiencing high levels of humidity, then keep reading to find out how to remove humidity effectively to achieve optimal home comfort.

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Dealing With Dry Air Symptoms In Winter

image of a family in a room with a humidifier

Many people have to deal with dry indoor air during the winter. Even though dry air doesn’t seem like a very serious issue, it isn’t a harmless one either. In this article, we discuss the impact of dry, its effect on indoor air quality, and some practical ways to resolve this problem.

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Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality With These Simple Tips

healthy indoor air quality at home

The air that you breathe inside your home may be more polluted than you think. Since most people spend the majority of their time inside a building, it increases their exposure to poor air quality. Fortunately, indoor air quality can be improved to keep your home safe and comfortable.

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How To Manage Dry Air In Your Home

house plants and indoor air quality

When the temperature is low, the humidity level is also low, causing dry air in your home. Consequently, this problem leads to a number of problems including respiratory issues and more. In this article, we discuss some of the best ways to prevent dry air from circulating in your home this winter.

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The Importance Of Changing Your HVAC Filter Regularly

indoor air quality

Unfortunately, the air from your heating or cooling system isn’t always clean. It can even be the source of pollutants inside the house that lead to an array of health issues. In this article, we discuss how to improve the indoor air quality of your home.

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Have You Thought About Your Indoor Air Quality?

indoor air quality and pollutants

If you are like most property owners, you probably regard air pollution as something that occurs outside. You may think that the brown or gray smog hanging over the horizon doesn’t resemble the air inside your house. However, research has indicated that indoor air quality is sometimes as much as five times worse than the quality of certain outdoor air. Click through to read more on this topic.

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