Decrease Home Heating Costs with Top Quality Oil

We understand that New Jersey homeowners want to decrease home heating costs. Home heating has the potential to be quite expensive in the winter months as the bitter cold sets in. But the quality of oil that you use in your furnace can make a significant difference to the amount you pay at the end of the month with regards to your heating bill. Higher quality oil heat can help you to decrease your home heating costs without having to do much else. A company that provides higher quality heating oil is the obvious choice when looking for a provider. But how does high quality oil save you money? Our highly trained tank experts have the inside scoop:

Sulfur Content and Heating Costs

Heating oil comes with dissolved sulfur compounds in it. These sulfur compounds are a necessity in heating oil, but there is a lot of room to play with when it comes for sulfur concentration. The EPA standard for “low-sulfur” oil is no more than 3000 parts-per-million concentration. However, the lower the concentration of the sulfur in the oil, the higher the quality of the oil. Higher quality oils with lower sulfur content lead to lowered maintenance costs. Less sulfur means less soot buildup and this equates to a longer time between regular cleaning of the equipment. Lower sulfur content is also good for the environment because it implies that less sulfur dioxide is released into the atmosphere.


In addition to a lower sulfur concentration, higher quality heating oil for your home comes with carefully balanced additives. These are included in the oil to fight against problems that arise within storage tanks. Condensation can lead to the formation of water droplets that provide a home for microorganisms. These microorganisms in turn lead to “tank sludge” and can corrode the interior of your tank and lead to it springing a leak. In cold temperatures, lower quality heating oil tends to produce a waxy residue on the inside of the tank. These waxy deposits can lead to clogged pipes and other undesirable outcomes. Additives help to control these situations so that they don’t lead to problems through continued occurrence.


New to the market is BioHeat heating oil. This is a blended mixture of between 5% and 20% soy biodiesel mixed in with regular heating oil. It also serves to offset the problem of pollution since this fuel burns a lot cleaner than its counterparts, producing a large volume of heat output for a relatively low emissions level. BioHeat is one of the newest breakthroughs in heating oil technology and serves as one of the best ways to decrease home heating costs.

The best way to determine what oil is the most cost-effective solution for your furnace is to consult with Lawes, your heating oil delivery supplier. As a supplier that is dedicated to the well-being of our customers, Lawes Home Comfort Specialists are well versed in determining what type of heating oil is best for what sort of situation. Contact us today to find out more about our services and how we can help you decrease your home heating costs this winter.