Emergency Preparedness: How A Generator Can Keep You Protected And Safe

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FEMA or Federal Emergency Management Agency estimates that less than 39% of adults in America actually have emergency plans set in place. This presents a number of challenges and problems because around 80% of Americans live in areas that are prone to disasters due to severe weather.

According to experts, it is important to implement some emergency preparation tips ahead of time. Preparedness increases one’s chances of survival and helps bring down the risk of getting injured. The first step in every emergency preparation is ensuring that your home is comfortable and safe. To protect yourself and your family during emergencies, having a whole-house generator can offer several benefits.

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Emergency Preparation Tips: Can A Standby Generator Really Help During An Emergency?

In emergency situations, power outages are very common. Power companies often cut off the supply of power to prevent damages to the grid. Also, they do this to avoid injuries and accidents. Power outages can also last for long periods, especially during situations when damage is severe. The problem here is that without power, most homes and businesses cannot function properly. With a standby generator, you can tap into a source of power. This source of power can support your home and requirements to remain safe. Here’s a look at the benefits of a standby generator in an emergency.

Provide A Source Of Power

Extreme weather brings on extreme discomfort. Tornadoes, blizzards, ice storms, and hurricanes could lead to flooding and lack of a stable power source. This will prevent you from using heating, air conditioning, or lighting. It is also likely that you will have no power source to charge important gadgets and devices. This includes computers and phones. If this is the case, you likely will not have a convenient way to cook or heat food safely. Furthermore, you may not have a reliable means to communicate. If your home relies heavily on electric-powered security, your safety could be compromised during a prolonged power outage. With a standby generator, you will not have this problem at all.

Power Up Your Medical Equipment

If a household member requires frequent or constant use of medical equipment, you will appreciate the benefits of having a standby generator during a power outage. Medical devices that monitor vitals or assist in breathing and pain management often require electricity or at least a stable source of power. If a power outage continues, the health and safety of that person can be severely compromised. With a whole-house generator, you are assured that a loved one is taken care of. Also, you know that his/her needs are met.

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Provide Power For Work

People who work from home can do so due to Internet access. Devices that make this type of connectivity possible often require power. Should the power go out, modems and routers will have no source of power to continue working. Laptop and desktop computers, printers, and scanners may be rendered useless as well. If you had a standby generator, you do not have to suffer the inconvenience of not having access to your work due to a power outage.

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Preserve Food

One of the most important functions of a whole house generator is keeping large appliances like freezers, chillers, and refrigerators working. Prolonged power outages can cause frozen food to thaw. This poses a number of problems for perishable items such as fish, meat, dairy, and poultry. During an emergency, having access to food that is safe to consume is a necessity. This is true, especially in situations where performing traditional preservation techniques is not possible. If your power supply from the grid becomes unreliable, having a backup power source from a standby generator will help assure you that the food you eat is safe and nutritious.

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HVAC System

A whole house generator can generate enough power to allow you the use of the HVAC system. In an emergency, you simply cannot rely on support services. If you have a standby generator, you have access to power and you will never worry about how to cool or heat your home. You can always enjoy a safe and comfortable indoor environment. HVAC systems also perform another important function and that is air filtration. As long as you have your HVAC system up and running, you are assured that the levels of indoor pollutants are kept as low as possible, even when there is no power coming from the grid.

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Keep Your Environment And Home Safe

Aside from the warmth and comfort that a whole-house or a backup generator can provide during an outage, you can also rely on it for illumination. You never have to stumble or grope about in the dark and suffer the inconvenience of being in low-light conditions. A generator can supply enough power to keep the lights on in your home. Not only that, your security system can remain in place. You can still enjoy its protection at a time when you truly need to keep your environment safe to protect yourself and your loved ones. Since you will be tapping from a standby generator, you will avoid voltage fluctuations and power surges that often occur during an emergency.


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