How To Pick A Residential Generac Generator For Your Home

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The truth is that emergencies can happen at any given time, especially when we least expect them. Unfortunately, power is one of the first things to go in an emergency. When you don’t have electricity, then your situation can become more inconvenient. This is because electricity affects both your comfort levels and your safety. This is why everyone should own a standby generator. A whole-house generator provides you with power when you need it the most. Once you decide to invest in one, you will find that there are many choices on the market, which can make finding the best one a little more overwhelming. In this article, we discuss some information that can help you choose the best selection of all the residential Generac generators.

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Top Reasons Why You Should Get A Whole-House Generator

Buying a whole house generator is a must for all homeowners, especially those who reside in areas that are prone to power outages. Standby generators offer many benefits. Some of them include:

  • Convenience: Generators can power just about anything, which means you can continue to use essentials in the event the power gets cut off. This includes heating and air conditioning systems, fridges, freezers, and so forth. You can even supply power to smaller gadgets such as laptops, desktop computers, small electronic devices, televisions, security systems, and modems, to name a few. If you’re looking for a quality generator that can power up commercial and residential properties, then look no further than Generac generators.
  • Safety: Whole-house generators can play a role in maintaining your safety. For example, when the power goes out, you can still use essential items such as your security system, medical devices, and appliances that preserve food. Not only that, but you won’t have to rely on candles or gas lamps, which both can increase the chances of a fire breaking out.
  • Uninterrupted Service: If you run a business, then you don’t want to encounter something that can interrupt your daily operations. A generator keeps your business powered up and running, so you can enjoy providing uninterrupted service. This also applies to those who work from home and depend on the internet.


Advice For Choosing The Right Standby Generator

Here’s our advice for choosing the right standby generator:

1. Choose Your Fuel

When generators are powered by natural gas or liquid propane, then they will typically have a maximum capacity of 22 kW. Generators that run on diesel fuel or propane require a storage tank on your property. Therefore, your environmental setup is affected by the type of fuel you power your generator with. If you go with a generator that is powered by natural gas, then you will want to have the right meters and gas lines installed. For those who have any questions in regards to fuel and generators, then speak with an expert from Lawes Company. We will gladly take the time to answer all of your questions.

2. Consider The Amount Of Power You Need

It’s important to note that generators are available in an array of sizes and capacities. The type you buy should provide your property and selected items with enough power. What you need to do is determine how much power you will require in the event of an outage. Some items only use a small amount of power, such as lights and small gadgets. However, large pieces of equipment, such as refrigerators and HVAC equipment, will need more.

Generac’s Guardian series generators are available in ranges from 8,000 watts to 45,000 watts. This is enough to power multiple large appliances. Also, liquid propane or natural gas can power the generators.

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When it comes to power, consider these:

The Size Of The Generator

The capacity of the unit refers to the size of the generator. In general, the more power you need, the bigger the generator you’ll need. For example, choose a large generator if you plan on powering HVAC equipment, freezers, and other large appliances. Generac has a generator sizing calculator that you can use to help you determine what size generator you should get. If you have any questions at all, then contact a Lawes Company. We’ll be more than happy to help you.

Backup Generator Power Rating

Pay attention to the backup generator power rating, which is indicated as kW. The rating refers to the generator’s output power. The rating the generator has depends on what you plan on powering within your office or home. If you’re going to power many items, including large equipment, then you want a unit that has a high rating. The higher the rating, the more powerful the generator will be. However, whatever generator you choose should comply with your building’s coding requirements.

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3. Determine The Location Of The Generator

Generally speaking, the generator should be installed near a fuel supply, as well as the transfer switch. It needs to be located where it can easily be accessed. This way, a technician can repair, and maintain it when necessary. Just make sure you keep in mind any relevant code requirements if you decide to use a generator outside or on the rooftop. If you go for an indoor generator, make sure you follow coding requirements, such as fuel supplement issues, ventilation and things of that nature.

For outdoor generators, there may be enclosure requirements that need to be met. You might have to install them in a certain way if there are houses that are right near yours. In many cases, an enclosure is required because it will protect the unit from harsh weather and keep noise at bay when it is in use.


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