Best Fall Checklist For Home Maintenance

fall checklistMany people look forward to the coming of autumn as it means a change from the hot summer weather. The fall also brings the arrival of beautiful fall colors, pumpkin carvings, and exciting football games.

As well, the autumn season also means we get messy yards, colder temperatures, and other problems.

Homeowners who get their homes ready in advance will have an advantage when it comes to dealing with harsh winter weather. It is a good idea to create and follow a fall checklist home maintenance to take care of all the details that you should address.

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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist For Homeowners

Here we will discuss some ways to get your home ready for the coming winter cold temperatures.
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1. Arrange An Annual Tune-Up For Your Heating System

annual furnace maintenanceThe temperatures are going to go lower and lower all through autumn until the winter months arrive. You will soon need to depend on your furnace to stay warm. Be sure that it can perform the task of keeping you warm in the coming months.

Your furnace should be tuned up each year by someone who is a certified HVAC professional. A technician will inspect your furnace and perform minor repairs if needed, in addition to cleaning and lubricating the various parts of the heating system. Having your heating system tuned up will ensure that your indoor air quality remains healthy and that you get reliable, efficient performance from your furnace all winter. Call Lawes Company and arrange an appointment for a furnace tune-up.

2. Schedule Heating Oil Delivery

If your furnace uses heating oil as its fuel, you should call an oil supplier early in the season. This will ensure you are ready for the arrival of the winter cold. If you pay for your oil before the peak season begins, you will end up paying less to purchase the oil. Call Lawes Company and inquire about our fuel oil deliveries, payment plans, and delivery options.

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3. Seal Gaps Where Warm Air Can Escape

sealing air draftsYour heating system will be working in vain if all the warm air escapes through the gaps around your windows and doors. The system will have to run longer and harder, consuming more fuel in an attempt to keep your home at the perfect temperature. Check for gaps by your windows and doors. Seal these gaps with foam tape, weather stripping, and caulking. Another way to improve energy efficiency is to hang insulated curtains. Make certain that the insulation in your home has a high r-value.

4. Change The Batteries On Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Heating systems will sometimes emit deadly carbon monoxide or smoke if they are not working correctly. These need to be detected as early as possible to prevent serious problems. Smoke can mean a fire will break out that can destroy the home. Carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas that can cause death. When furnaces get turned back on, it is crucial to change the batteries on smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to ensure they can keep your home safe.

5. Ensure That Exterior Stairs, Walks, And Driveways Are Safe

Winter will be here soon. Before it arrives, it is essential to ensure the home is safe and secure. All of the property, which is exposed to the weather, needs to be inspected. Be sure to inspect the stairs, sidewalks, railings, and driveway to prevent accidents. Anything which is broken should be fixed before the arrival of snow. All railings should be sturdy. The driveway should be level and solid so that snow can be easily cleared.

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6. Get Trees And Shrubs Ready

Trees look glorious in their fall colors. The changes of color are beautiful to look at. However, certain aspects of trees can signal whether or not they are healthy. If they change color too early, or if many branches are dying, you may have diseased trees. If you have a lot of trees to look after, it can be a good idea to hire an arborist.

7. Rake The Leaves

raking leavesWhen fall begins, people get excited to see the colored leaves falling and covering the ground. Often, they allow the leaves to pile up as they do other tasks instead. Later on, when snow covers the leaves, the sight will not be as romantic. Snow piled up on top of leaves will inhibit the growth of plants and grass in the spring. It is better to get out the rake and rake the leaves on the ground as soon as possible.

8. Clean Out The Gutters

In the fall, dead branches and leaves fall to the ground and also pile up in the gutters and roof. This can cause a problem as they will clog the gutter and block water flow. When this organic material decays, it will attract pests. Clean out the gutter and the downspouts when necessary. This task is especially important if there is a lot of debris and there are trees close to the house. You can hire someone else to do the job professionally if you find the gutters are too high for you to reach.

9. Check For Exterior Repairs That Are Needed

When you are cleaning out the gutters, take a few moments to inspect the roof to see if there is any damage. Also, check the siding and the house foundation. The exterior of the home receives a lot of environmental stress so that problems can progress very quickly. If you discover problems with your home’s exterior, be sure to repair them before winter.

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10. Drain The Hoses And Shut Off Outdoor Faucets

Finally, be sure to turn off all the outdoor faucets on your property and drain the taps and hoses. This will prevent your pipes from freezing. Water will expand when it freezes, and this can damage your plumbing. Drain all pipes and hoses before freezing temperatures arrive. Make sure you put spigot covers on all your outdoor faucets.


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