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Updated: December 28, 2020

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How Heating Oil Systems Work

When the indoor temperatures drop below the setting on your thermostat…

your heating system receives a signal that turns the heat back on. Most fuel oil heating systems are whole-house heating systems since they distribute heat to the entire house. These systems involve hot water passing through baseboard radiators, steam flowing through radiators, or warm air dispersing through ductwork to the vents. We are going to discuss the different types of heating oil systems in this article.

Oil-Fired Heating Systems

oil-fired heating system

Two main types of oil heating systems are common. These are water and warm air systems. Just like the term ‘warm air systems’ suggests, hot air disperses through the network of ductwork and then passes through the vents to heat the home. As the warm air passes through the vents, the heater draws in cold air to start the heating cycle again.

Hydronic heating systems fall into two categories: steam and hot water systems. They operate by heating water in a cast iron or steel boiler. Then, the hot water disperses throughout the home in either gaseous or liquid form. If you have a steam system, that means that steam travels through pipes to radiators. However, hot water systems send heat in the form of hot water into radiators or baseboard heating systems.

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Heating Oil System Main Components

Heating Oil Tank

image of a heating oil tank in Shrewsbury

Fuel oil tanks are either above or below ground. Some homes have them indoors. Storage tanks need proper maintenance to prevent leakage and contaminants from entering the environment.

Additionally, homeowners should order high-quality fuel oil…

when scheduling a home heating oil delivery. The higher the quality of the fuel means there are fewer impurities that cause sludge buildup.


When the heating system is in use, heating oil flows from the tank and into the burner. The burner atomizes the fuel oil by mixing it with oxygen that it takes from the air to ensure that combustion takes place inside the combustion chamber.

Heat Exchanger

As ignition takes place inside the burner, the flames heat metal tubes that make up the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is an excellent heat conductor and remains hot for long periods of time. As the return duct delivers cold air to the heat exchanger, that air gets hot, and then this air enters back into the home with the help of the blower.

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The blower is the part of your heating system that distributes the warm air throughout the home via the ductwork system.


Hazardous gases, such as carbon monoxide, are part of the combustion process. It happens with all fuel types. For your protection, fuel oil heating systems have a flue pipe so that these gases release on the outside of the home. This process improves the quality of the air inside. Nevertheless, it is in your best interest to install carbon monoxide detectors according to recommendations.

As a rule, oil systems do give signals that something is wrong long before carbon monoxide becomes a problem. Still, installing detectors is apparently the best choice. All homes, regardless of what fuel they use, should install CO detectors. For that reason, carbon monoxide detectors are a must for all households.

Heating System Maintenance

For optimal benefit, you should always keep your heating system…

in top-notch condition. Hiring a reputable HVAC service technician to perform annual preventative tune-ups is the best way to ensure this.



Fuel oil heating systems usually come as water systems or air systems. The system distributes the heat throughout the home via ductwork, vents, or pipes. The primary components of oil-fired heating systems are the oil storage tank, burners, heat exchanger, the blower, and flue. For the sake of safety, install carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home.

Hiring an HVAC specialist with ample experience to perform annual maintenance on the heating system will keep it running well. When you are ready for a fuel oil delivery for your home, check for the best local prices, but be sure to order high-quality fuel from a reputable dealer.

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