Furnace Efficiency: 6 Ways You’re Overworking Your Furnace

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Furnaces can last for a long time. But because some of them endure excessive use, abuse, and neglect, these heating units wear down way before the end of their indicated lifespan. You wouldn’t want to live in a house with an unreliable or failing furnace during the chilling months of winter. Heaters that should serve you for many years but can wear down prematurely due to improper usage. Eventually, this neglect will lead to a total breakdown. However, before this happens, you will notice an increase in HVAC repairs, a decrease in the unit’s efficiency, and a rise in your home’s heating costs. Therefore, to continue enjoying years of indoor comfort, you have to learn how to maintain your furnace correctly.

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How You Are Overworking Your Furnace

Heating systems usually give off signs and symptoms of impending problems. However, a good number of homeowners fail to notice them until their furnaces completely breakdown. Other than that, some homeowners unknowingly contribute to these problems as well. In this article, we will discuss some of the ways homeowners stress and overwork their heating systems.

Not Turning Your Thermostat Down When You Leave

Some homeowners do not switch their furnace’s thermostats to a lower temperature setting when they intend to leave home for the day and no one is home. This is a mistake. Your heating system will work to heat an empty house, and in doing so, consume more energy because of this.
To avoid this, contact an experienced HVAC contractor to install a programmable thermostat in your home. This type of thermostat allows you to program a series of settings that will become effective according to your schedule. If installing a programmable thermostat is not an option for you, then do not worry. What you should do before leaving home is to set your thermostat to a lower temperature setting. Then, reset it to its recommended temperature settings when you return home. Not only does this save on home heating costs, but it also places less wear and tear on your unit.


Letting Cold Air In The House

Another common mistake homeowners make that affects the performance and lifespan of their heating systems is leaving windows and doors open. This aspect is true even if you leave them open to the slightest degree. This allows cold air in and forces the furnace to work harder to maintain indoor temperatures. You might also notice cold air drafts in your house, and yet all your doors and windows are closed and locked. This is because cold air from outside is getting indoors. Check for holes, gaps, and cracks around doors and windows and have them fixed. Also, check your insulation to make sure you have an adequate amount.

Cranking The Thermostat When You’re Cold

You do not have to switch your thermostat to the highest temperature setting to increase the rate at which your home warms up. If it is set at the ideal temperature, just let the furnace do its work. In such a scenario, what increasing the temperature does is it overworks your system. However, it does not warm your house faster.

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Blocking HVAC Air Vents With Furniture

Another way homeowners contribute to their units wearing down is by obstructing the furnace’s air return vent. They do this innocently without knowing the consequences of their actions. Some of the items that usually block the ventilation include curtains, furniture, and decor, among others. By blocking the vent, and therefore, the smooth flow of air, the furnace is forced to overwork itself to warm the house. The same holds true for closing air vents to unused rooms. Leave them open for proper airflow instead.


Skipping Annual Furnace Maintenance

Regular heating system maintenance is important in ensuring that the furnace continues to perform as expected. For this reason, you should schedule annual furnace checkups and maintenance from an experienced local HVAC contractor. The contractor will identify potential problems early enough and fix them right away before they become major issues. Some of the benefits of maintenance include reduced energy costs, a reliable heater, increased comfort, and an efficiently operating heating system.
Apart from scheduling for annual maintenance, you should also change your furnace’s filter regularly. Most people forget to do this, and as a result, they end up with a poorly performing heating system. Make sure you check the filter every month and replace it when necessary.


Opting For The Cheapest Furnace Replacement

As heating systems get older, their efficiency reduces. An aging system will not function as it used to. It has to work harder to maintain the same level of heat. As a furnace ages it eventually gives in to wear-and-tear. With time, you will be forced to replace it.
Some of the good things about a new unit is they provide better indoor air quality. Also, they consume less energy, and they improve the general comfort of your home. But when looking for your furnace’s replacement, avoid the temptation of choosing the cheapest option. Such an option might end up disappointing you and costing you more in the long run.

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3 Signs Your Heating System Is Overworked

Increased Home Heating Costs

It is normal for homeowners to receive higher utility during the winter season. However, if the bill is higher than what you usually receive during this season, then you should be concerned. This spike might be an indication that there is a problem with your furnace. Your system’s energy consumption can increase due to several reasons. Among them is a dirty air filter. In this case, check the condition of the filter. If it is dirty, replace it. However, if the air filter is clean, then contact an HVAC specialist so that they can take a look at your system. With their trained eye, they can identify the problem and remedy it.

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Uneven Temperature Throughout Your Home

Uneven temperatures throughout your house is another sign that your system is not running properly. You will be able to tell if this is the case when you notice hot and cold spots. An overworked furnace will be unable to produce even heat throughout the house. This might be the reason why you are experiencing this. You should, therefore, contact an experienced and trusted HVAC contractor to have a look at your system and resolve the situation.

Frequent Furnace Repairs

If your furnace requires frequent repairs than this can be a sign that it might be worn down. Such a system will wear down prematurely. If you notice this with your furnace, then you may need to budget for a new one.

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