What To Do When Your Home Furnace Is Short Cycling

feeling cold due to broken furnace

To stay warm during winter, you should check if your home furnace is functioning properly. One issue that is common with furnaces, for example, is short cycling. This problem requires the help of a professional. Short cycling occurs when the furnace runs then shuts off and starts again repeatedly.

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Should My Furnace Smell Like Heating Oil?

man who smells heating oil in his home

A heating oil smell should not linger inside your home. Although this is not a normal thing to happen, there are times where it can happen. Sometimes the scent is fleeting. Other times, it persists. In this article, we share a few likely causes for the smell of heating oil in your home.

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Furnace Efficiency: 6 Ways You’re Overworking Your Furnace

image of woman adjusting thermostat to turn on furnace

Furnaces should serve you for many years but can wear down prematurely due to improper usage. Eventually, this neglect will lead to a total breakdown. However, before this happens, you will notice an increase in HVAC repairs and a decrease in efficiency. Therefore, to avoid a premature replacement, you have to maintain your furnace correctly.

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