Furnace Not Working? Check These 3 Things Before You Call for Heating Repair

It seems that at the most inconvenient times the furnace dies and immediate heating repair is required (like the middle of the night in the middle of winter). On occasion, furnace problems can be simple and resolved on your own, although it is best to always consult a trained practitioner of heating repair for serious issues. Before you give us a call, check the following:

Common Furnace Problems

1. Fuses and Circuit Breakers

Because furnace systems are electronically controlled, a problem of a blown fuse or a tripped breaker can cause the heat to go off. Open your fuse box and check to make sure all your breakers are in the untripped position and replace any blown fuses you find. If your heat starts back to circulate after this then you’ve successfully managed to solve the problem without having to phone the heating repair guys. Sometimes, due to the setup of your circuit breaker, a fuse that has nothing to do with your furnace’s circuit may lead to it being non-functional. That’s why you should check ALL fuses and breaker switches.

2. Emergency Switch
Oil heat furnaces usually come with installed emergency shutoff switches. Although these switches are installed with a different colored plate from regular wall switches, they are sometimes located close enough to these wall switches to be mistaken in the dark. Before you pick up the phone to give our furnace repair guys a call, check to make sure that your emergency switch isn’t accidentally turned off.

3. Reset Button

Oil furnaces may require a hard reset. They come equipped with a reset button on the front of the unit that allows you to hard-reset the furnace so that it begins working again. If the furnace starts up, then you’re in luck and the reset button worked. If not, contact your provider immediately. DO NOT press the reset button more than once. If you tried it before and the furnace is still non-functional, contact the Lawes professionals.

Regular Furnace Maintenance

Furnace repair doesn’t always have to be difficult, but complex issues within the system will need to be resolved by a trained tech. If you’ve gotten to the end of your tether and the heating still doesn’t work, give Lawes Home Comfort Specialists a call today to see how we can get your heat running again as soon as possible. Then schedule regular furnace maintenance to prevent future problems. Regular furnace maintenance in NJ alleviates the costs and stresses of repeat service calls because it costs much less to be proactive and prevent problems before they actually happen.