Why You Should Call A Professional For Your Furnace Repair

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During a cold, blustery winter, the very last thing that you want to deal with is a broken furnace. Even though the average system is designed to be reliable, age can cause this equipment to eventually break down. Aging heaters can also show a significant amount of wear over time. If your home heating system is not getting diligent inspections and maintenance services, repair issues can start to crop up prematurely.

There are a number of people who try to perform DIY furnace repairs to resolve issues or they may even hire a local handyman. This is actually where some of the more serious issues start. Find out why it’s so important to have a licensed furnace repair company handle your furnace problems and how this can actually help you save in the long term.

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Several Signs That You Need A Professional Furnace Repair Service

We’re going to talk about a few common indicators of a need for professional furnace repair services that you can be on the watch for.

Your Furnace Is Overheating

replacing furnace filter

If your furnace is overheating, it may be that the filter is clogged. As with all forms of HVAC equipment, your home furnace is known to collect dust and many other particulates via its air filtration. If the filter inside of your furnace is coating in debris, the system itself will have a much harder time ensuring optimal airflow. Thus, your heating system is going to work significantly more in order to produce the temperature that you’ve set at the thermostat.

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The Thermostat Is Starting To Malfunction

Thermostats show current temperature readings as well as the temperature that your furnace is trying to generate. Thermostat problems are among the most common indicators that your home heating system isn’t working as it should. If you aren’t getting enough heat or are having other issues with your heating system, start by checking the thermostat setting. Your thermostat should be both on and set to the “HEAT” setting. You also want to verify that the fan is on “AUTO”. Verify that it has the correct temperature setting.

Check to see if the thermostat is coated in dust or dirt whenever it appears to be reading temperature inaccurately. An older thermostat that isn’t being well-maintained will likely display an incorrect reading. Shut this unit off and then use a dry brush to get rid of any accumulated dirt. If there are any areas that have corrosion, use a cleaner that is specifically for cleaning electronics to eliminate rust. The thermostat should be located in an area that isn’t next to any heat source like sunlight, your oven, or any secondary appliance that generates heat.

Damaged HVAC Ductwork

hvac air ducts

Damaged HVAC ductwork is another possible reason why your furnace may not be working as it should. When the furnace generates heat, the system of ducts home distributes the warm air throughout the home. If these ducts have a gap, crack or another form of damage, warm air can leak out. This can make the furnace less efficient and will likely cause fluctuations in the indoor temperatures. If damages to your HVAC ductwork are significant, your furnace may not be able to heat your home at all.

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The Dangers Of Dealing With A Faulty Gas-Fired Furnace On Your Own

Gas leaks are among the most common repair issues for gas-fired furnaces. This can be a very dangerous issue with this kind of heating equipment. Any gas escaping from this type of heater can be dangerous or even deadly to humans and their pets. Carbon monoxide, methane, and other gases like them can lead to serious health issues, and some can even be fatal when exposure is prolonged.

There is also the potential for electric shock, fire, and even explosions, which is why you should never attempt a DIY repair on your furnace. A professional can safely and properly handle all necessary inspections and repairs for your furnace and will be far better-trained to correctly resolve the problem.

How A Qualified HVAC Expert Can Help

Following are just a few of the many benefits that you can enjoy by hiring a licensed HVAC contractor to handle your home furnace repair issues.

Save Money

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Licensed HVAC contractors can inspect your heating system and can correctly identify any problems that exist. Moreover, these professionals can take care of repair projects in a completely safe manner. They will verify that all parts replacements and repairs are suitable for your heating equipment. When repairs aren’t handled properly (such as when an untrained party handles the repairs), more significant furnace damages are likely to occur. This could leave you paying more for the repairs or even for a replacement.

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Your Home Will Be More Secure

image depicting family and furnace safetyHaving repair issues safely resolved is vital for ensuring the continued well-being of your home and of your entire household. If the wrong part is used or if the repair is simply incorrectly performed, everyone in the home could experience physical injury or harm as the result of gas emission, fire, or explosion. If your furnace is having a problem, be sure to contact a licensed HVAC technician right away.

Less Work Time

Seasoned HVAC professionals adhere to a set of procedures for identifying problems and fixing them. Thus, they can take care of your repair in less time. There’s no need to deal with the frustration and inconvenience of someone who doesn’t have the proper training to do the job correctly.

Essential Training And Skills

image of 5 stars depicting high quality hvac serviceProfessional HVAC technicians are able to build their skills and knowledge through years of work and hands-on experience. This ensures that they’re able to do their work safely and properly. Remember that your home furnace is a highly complex piece of equipment and therefore requires specific knowledge, training, and skills for reliable tune-ups and repairs.

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Retain Your Warranty

image of furnace warrantyThe warranty on your home HVAC system makes it necessary for you to hire a licensed company to perform repairs. Thus, using a reputable HVAC expert can help preserve the integrity of your warranty. If anyone lacking the proper certification attempts to perform a furnace repair, the manufacturer’s warranty could be voided. Moreover, reputable HVAC companies always stand by the work they perform and they always back their services up with solid guarantees.



A malfunctioning furnace is inconvenient on its own, which makes having a repair by an untrained individual absolutely pointless. Prevent serious furnace damage and cut your overall spending on replacements and repairs by contacting a trusted HVAC company instead. They can solve your home heating issues while providing the best solutions for keeping your living environment both warm and winter-ready.

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