Best Ways To Keep Your Heating Oil Costs Down

home energy costsAs the mercury falls, you need to turn up the heat. Keeping your home appropriately heated can increase your energy bills dramatically. It also affects the environment and your carbon footprint.

If you are looking for the best ways to keep your energy and heating oil costs down, then you need to accomplish a few tasks.

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Heating Oil Companies Middletown NJ: Best Ways To Keep Your Heating Oil Costs Down

Having a home that is warm in the winter is vital for your safety and comfort. Since heating your home accounts for a significant portion of your energy costs in the winter, it is essential to find ways to lower your heating expenses without compromising your comfort. In this article, we will discuss some techniques that you can use.

Get Your Home Winter-Ready To Reduce Energy Costs

home heating solutionsChange is said to be the only constant in life. The turning of the seasons is an integral part of our lives and hugely anticipated every year. It is also indicative of the care and attention you need to pay towards your wellbeing and that of your home.

Energy Audit

Before winter approaches you need to get your home winter-ready. To this end, you need to conduct a home energy survey. Such an audit will help you identify the spots and gaps which will lead to heat loss. Accordingly, you will need to insulate doors and windows. It would also be wise to insulate pipes to avoid freezing and reduce heat loss.

Air Leaks

Consider simple and practical solutions that will minimize heat loss. These include closing or removing air conditioning vents, and closing the kitchen vent and fireplace damper when they are not in use. Insulate exterior walls, attics, and basements properly and ensure that heat does not escape from your home through these areas.

Natural Heat

When the sun is out, it is smart to keep your drapes open so that your home can be heated naturally. At sundown close the curtains to avoid heat loss. Do not place any furniture in front of the air vents, as it will block the heat and hamper circulation.

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Get Fuel Smart To Reduce Your Heating Oil Prices

home fuel oil delivery serviceThe costs of heating oil go up during the winter season when demand rises. There are several ways to wrestle your energy bills down. A simple and effective way is by having your tank filled in summer when demand is low, and so is the cost. Speak with your heating oil provider for quotes and check on prices offered by other competitors. You should also ask about budget plans with an automatic delivery option. Many of these oil delivery plans can bring down your heating oil costs and will also spread them over the entire year.


Experts say that you can reduce heating oil costs by two percent by lowering the thermostat by a few degrees when you are not at home and at night. If you have a manual thermostat, you may like to opt for a programmable one instead. This way you will be able to program the changes you want to initiate in your heating system, save energy and bring down your energy costs.

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Service Your HVAC System To Improve Energy Efficiency

furnace technicianAn annual maintenance check of boilers and furnaces will ensure that they work optimally and are ready for the winter. Such a tune-up needs to be scheduled much before the arrival of the winter season. However, it is better late than never. The Energy Communications Council (ECC) states that an annual tune-up will make sure that your heating equipment offers excellent performance and it will bring down heating oil costs significantly.

Like your car requires regular maintenance to offer the best mileage and performance, so does your HVAC system. A yearly tune-up will guarantee that it uses every drop of heating oil efficiently to provide optimized performance.

If your heating system is more than 20 years old, it is time to invest in a newer, more efficient system. It will bring down heating oil costs while keeping your home comfortably heated. It will also reduce your carbon footprint, and is thus, good for the environment. Contemporary heating oil systems are far more energy efficient than their predecessors and will end up saving you 15 to 25% on your energy costs. This means that in a matter of a few years the system would have paid off the cost of investment.

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