Best Ways To Prevent Hot & Cold Spots In Your Home

house that needs furnace repairThe goal in every home is to have an even temperature from one room to another. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

If you are like many homeowners, you deal with areas of the house that are cooler than others.

This problem can lead to some of the home’s occupants feeling cold and uncomfortable even when the thermostat is set at a high temperature.

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Heating Repair Companies Shrewsbury NJ: Best Ways To Prevent Cold Spots In Your Home

During the winter months, you may find that one of the rooms in your home feels warm but another feels cold. When this occurs, you have hot and cold spots in your home. In this article, we will discuss some of the causes and what you can do to solve them.

What Are The Causes Of Hot & Cold Spots In Your Home?

Hot and cold spots in the home occur for one of two reasons. The first is the design and construction of the house. Certain factors such as the number of windows, inadequate insulation, the home’s floor plan, and the amount of sun that gets into the home can cause this issue.
The way that the ductwork was installed can also cause hot and cold spots. If it is not designed or installed correctly, some rooms will get less heat than others.

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How To Eliminate Uneven Temperatures In Your Home

There are a few things that you can do to prevent hot and cold spots in your home. It may take doing each of the tasks listed below to avoid this issue in your home.

Make Sure That The HVAC Vents Aren’t Blocked

HVAC ventsFor each room in the house to be warm, the vents need to be free and clear of any obstructions. If you have a piece of furniture blocking the vent, the warm air won’t have a clear path to the room. You should also check the vents for dust and other types of debris.

Check For Cold Air Leaks & Drafts

If one room in your house is much colder than the others, it could be that there is a draft coming into the room. Check the windows and doors in your home to make sure that there are no broken seals.

If you find that drafts are coming in from your windows, you should consider a DIY insulation kit. They are very easy to use and cost-effective.

At the end of the winter, the insulation can be removed and then applied again next winter. If the draft is coming in from underneath the door, you should put something on the floor where the air is coming in to keep the cold air out.

Do You Have The Proper Insulation In Your Home?

insulationInsulation is essential because it keeps the cold air out of the home during the winter months. If you live in an older house and you are experiencing hot and cold spots, the insulation in some regions of the house could be failing.

To determine whether or not the insulation is the reason for the hot and cold spots in your home, you can hire a professional HVAC contractor to evaluate the condition of the insulation. If they determine that it is due to failing insulation, you can have the problem rectified.

Consider Zoned-Heating Solutions

According to HVAC experts, multi-zone heating is the best way to prevent hot and cold spots in the home. Zoned heating contains multiple thermostats within the home. Each of them would control the dampers in the air ducts. Zoned HVAC systems allow you to adjust the temperature in different rooms. Not only will multi-zone heating prevent hot and cold spots, but it will also save you money on your heating costs.

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Maintain & Clean Your Home’s Ductwork

If your air ducts are dirty, it can be the reason that you have hot and cold spots. When the ducts are free of dirt, dust, and debris, the hot air will be able to circulate freely through the ducts and into the home. You don’t need to have your ducts cleaned every year. Most HVAC techs recommend having it done every two to five years. If you have pets or if your home is unusually dusty, you should have it done more often.

Don’t Forget To Schedule A Professional Furnace Tune-Up

You should have your heating system tuned up before every heating season. If any issues result in hot and cold spots, the tech will be able to repair the problem before it gets cold outside.

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Hot and cold spots in the home can be frustrating. They can make certain rooms of the home cold and uncomfortable. If you are experiencing this issue in your home, the tips listed above can help. Be sure to call a reputable HVAC company in your area.

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