Heating Safety Tips: How To Prevent Accidental Heating Fires

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Heating systems keep us warm and comfortable when the temperatures drop. Furnaces are built tough and typically work well. However, this does not mean that accidents cannot happen. Heating units are one of the top reasons for residential fires. Don’t let your home be a statistic. It is always recommended that you take a proactive approach and use some heating safety tips in keeping an eye on your home heating systems. This way, you prevent an accidental heating fire from happening to you.

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How To Prevent Accidental Heating Fires

This article discusses some of the things all homeowners should do to ensure a safe heating experience in their homes.

Call An HVAC Contractor For A Furnace Inspection

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A furnace’s job is to generate heat so that the indoor environment is kept warm despite the cold season. It utilizes propane, heating oil, or natural gas to keep a fire going. The warm air is circulated throughout your house through the ductwork. Your heating system is made up of a complex set of components, and many things can fail. Therefore, it is recommended that your system receives professional checkups annually.

An HVAC technician has a maintenance checklist that includes checking all parts of your system. It includes cleaning all parts to prevent blockages. They will also check the surrounding area of the furnace to remove any flammable materials. An expert will ensure that your system operates safely, especially since most heating equipment uses electricity and combustible fuel. A simple task that homeowners can do is cleaning or replacing the filter regularly.

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Clean The Chimney

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Some homes use a fireplace as a supplementary heat source. It is a nice add-on, but it needs some upkeep to ensure it works properly. The chimney requires cleaning a few times each year. Otherwise, the soot and debris build-up can cause a clog, and the smoke won’t flow out properly. Not only will this make your home too hot. It will also cause the smoke to back up inside your home. Cleaning should be done a few times a year even if you do not use the fireplace as often. If possible, use products that will help keep the chimney clean longer.

Assess The Chimney For Damage

The sides of the chimney should be airtight. This might not be the case at all times, as cracks can develop as time passes. It could be due to water seepage, worn-out materials, or poor workmanship, among other reasons. The cracks can cause the air to fan the flames towards unexpected directions, including inside your home. Instead of being contained within the confines of the fireplace, the fire could catch on any nearby flammable objects like the carpet, pillows, or décor. Make sure to have your chimney checked for any damages, especially if you have an older chimney at home.

Use A Screen Barrier

Due to the possibility stated above, you should make sure that all flammable materials are kept far from your fireplace. It would help if you also considered installing a diffusion screen. This will serve as a barrier between the fireplace and the room so that any stray sparks or logs are kept within the fireplace only. A screen barrier gives you the peace of mind that you can use the fireplace without fear of fires developing in the room.


Check Your Space Heater’s Safety Features

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When buying a space heater, make sure to check its safety features. It is recommended that you look for one that is equipped with an emergency cut-off. This will ensure that the unit shuts down automatically in case of an accident. For instance, the dog or your kids might knock the heater on the floor. This might heat the carpet and cause a fire. With this feature in place, you can be sure that this situation does not happen.

Make sure to use these heaters only when someone is occupying the room. The heaters should be installed on flat ground as well. It is recommended that it is installed on tile or concrete flooring. Remove any flammable materials near it. Any objects should be at least three feet away from an open space heater. Ensure that it is away from shelves, windows, and beds. Remember to switch off the heater when you are leaving the room.

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Clear The Laundry Room Duct

A fire might be the last thing on your mind when you think about laundry. However, keep in mind that it has a dryer connected to a duct that produces warm air. As time passes, lint can accumulate on this part of the system, and fire could spark under certain circumstances. Although the dryer might be equipped with a lint-capturing mechanism, it might not be fully effective. Therefore, the duct should be cleaned regularly to keep this from happening.

Switch To Central Heating

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One of the most common reasons for accidental heating fires is because space heaters come in direct contact with objects in the room. If you have central heating, you only have to worry about one room that you’ll need to equip with excellent fireproofing to prevent fires. This might be a costly solution, but a central heater is a worthy investment if it means you have peace of mind when using your home heating system.

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Replace The Water Heater

A water heater’s job is to prevent the pipes from freezing and provide your home with hot water. However, it can wear out over time. Your water heater will begin to experience issues, such as mineral build-up, a faulty thermostat, and heating failure. A water heater that is under strain can cause a fire. It is best to contact a professional to do the needed repairs. If possible, consider replacing your old water heater with a newer model.



Fires are one of the most dangerous situations that could happen to a home or business. Therefore, it is a must to do everything you can to prevent it from happening. Ask for professional assistance when needed so that you get the best possible results.

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