Heating Your Home With Oil: NJ Oil Delivery Services

Do you need reliable NJ oil delivery services? You cannot afford to go with a company that does not deliver on time and overcharges for your fuel.
Lawes Company specializes in the delivery of quality oil to homes and business in New Jersey. Lawes has been helping New Jersey residents heat their homes since opening in 1926. Contact Lawes Company to begin your NJ oil delivery services.

5 Benefits of Heating With Oil


Modern oil heaters are more efficient. An oil heating system can run at 85-95% efficiency. This means that you can get up to .95 cents on every dollar you spend towards heating your home. The Department of Ecology has found that oil tends to heat buildings 16% more efficiently than natural gas.

Cleaner Oil

Oil may have a bad reputation, but it has come a long way. Oil heat is 95% cleaner than it was in 1970. In 2004, for instance, Oil and Energy found that oil emissions are more environmentally friendly than other sources of heat.

A Popular Choice

Millions of Americans (28.6 million) use oil to heat their homes. One utility company devoid of competition generally provides gas heat to customers. There are many heating options available to you in the competitive heating oil industy.


Oil is generally a safer way to heat your home, as it is non-explosive, unlike other heating options. A danger like carbon monoxide poisoning, which does not have an odor, is significantly lessened with oil heat as opposed to gas.

Better, Warmer Heat

Oil burns hot. The heat it produces is a lot hotter than other sources of heat and heats your home and water faster than natural gas. The hot water recovery rate of an oil water heater is twice as fast as gas and three times as fast as electric.
If you would like to learn more about heating your home with oil, contact Lawes, an oil company in NJ. We can help you decide what heating options are best for you.

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