Why Are Home Air Filter Replacements So Important?

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If you take good care of your home heating and cooling system, it will continue to provide reliable performance. Good HVAC maintenance isn’t very costly either. Simply follow the recommendations of your HVAC equipment manufacturer to enjoy a decade or more of service. For instance, it’s important to perform a home air filter replacement on a regular basis. The filter blocks potentially harmful particulates from entering the system and ultimately the indoor air. These simple and relatively low-cost components have a major impact on both the lifespan and the performance of HVAC systems. They also affect resident health and overall home comfort. Therefore, be diligent about replacing your HVAC air filter and you can avoid a host of common and potentially costly HVAC issues.

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Serious Consequences Of Failing To Change Your HVAC Air Filter

This article will cover some of the top reasons why changing your HVAC air filter is absolutely essential.

What HVAC Air Filters Do

Air filters are made of fibrous materials. There are many different types of air filters available including spun fiberglass, washable fabric filters, and pleated paper filters. Their structure gets its rigidity from cardboard frames. The design of filters enables them to capture and collect large-sized particulates while allowing filtered air to pass through. Filters can block animal fur, mold spores, bacteria, and other pathogens, dust, dirt, pollen, and more. As such, they provide good airflow while limiting harmful substances within the HVAC system and the indoor air. This balancing act is a tough one for sure. Filters can only be effective in their work for so long. Once they are dirty, you need to swiftly replace them.

There are many factors that determine how often HVAC air filters require a replacement. As a rule of thumb, you should inspect this component on a monthly basis and replace it as necessary.

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Factors That Determine The Ideal Frequency Of Air Filter Changes

Filter type, the sensitivity and air quality needs of building residents, environmental conditions, the presence of pets in the home, and the frequency of HVAC system use are among the top factors that determine the frequency of air filter changes. Some can follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for air filter changes and this will usually provide acceptable results. For most systems, this means putting a new filter in once every one to two months. This works best for regular homes with just one pet.

If you do not have any pets in your home, you may be able to change your HVAC air filter just once every 90 days. If there are multiple pets in the household, the filter may need a replacement once every 20 days. Vacation homes, single-occupant properties, and homes that are rarely used and do not have pets, filter changes should happen about once every six to 12 months. When in doubt, check your filter on a monthly basis to look for excessive build-ups. As time goes on, you can establish the right filter change schedule for your household.

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What Happens When You Don’t Change Your Filter Regularly?

Being consistent is important. Contaminants are trapped in the filter and can eventually block airflow. This can add stress to the HVAC system and create a host of problems. When homeowners are negligent in replacing their HVAC air filters, the consequences of this negligence will become increasingly severe.

1. Increased Home Energy Costs

high heating bills

HVAC systems account for a lot of home energy just but most homeowners are able to manage these costs as long as they remain fairly reasonable. These systems have to work a lot harder when their air filters are clogged to compensate for low airflow. This can make energy use and energy bills soar. Neglecting a dirty air filter will only compound the problem. Air filters are low in cost when compared to the energy bill increases you might see. By simply changing your HVAC air filter according to the recommended schedule, you can limit your overhead costs.

2. Insufficient Temperature Regulation

Restricted airflow additionally prevents conditioned air from being effectively distributed throughout the living environment. This leads to uneven temperatures all throughout the home. Some rooms are excessively cold and others might be excessively hot. As a result, some home occupants will get virtually no relief from the HVAC system during times of extreme heat or cold. It can make it difficult to fall asleep at night and stay that way. Throughout the day, focused work will become virtually impossible. People may have to move to areas with more comfortable conditions. This isn’t ideal as it can lead to crowding in some rooms, and rooms that are empty.

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3. Indoor Air Quality Will Decline

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Clogged filters aren’t as effective as filters that are brand new. Their ability to capture and retain airborne particulates declines. This leaves more potentially harmful particulates circulating through the indoor air and being breathed in by building residents. This can be especially detrimental for those with allergies, asthma and other sensitivities. Everyone else can begin to suffer as well with dizziness, sneezing, itchy eyes, itchy throats, and breathing troubles. Symptoms like these can become highly disruptive. If they persist, long-term exposure to airborne irritants can result in chronic respiratory issues.

4. Decreased HVAC Lifespan

Your home heating and cooling equipment should easily last more than a decade if it’s being properly maintained. Regularly changing out air filters is an essential maintenance task. If you don’t do this, your HVAC system will have to work far harder than it’s meant to. Just as people wear down, this equipment can wear down as well. HVAC systems can break as the result of accelerated wear, and long before the end of their expected lifespan has been reached. Homeowners will have to spend thousands on having these systems replaced.

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5. The Air Conditioner Coils Will Freeze

The air conditioner evaporator coils are designed to absorb heat in order to lower the temperature indoors. Even though these coils are cool, good airflow keeps them from freezing. Because clogged filters block airflow and allow the coils to cool, these components can ultimately freeze. This prevents proper system operation. The HVAC system will likely perform erratically before breaking down entirely. This won’t be an inexpensive repair. It is far more cost-effective to regularly replace air filters so that problems like these never occur.



When was the last time you changed the air filter in your home HVAC system? Are you handling this maintenance task according to the schedule that your HVAC equipment manufacturer has recommended? Is it well past time to change your HVAC air filter out? Now is the time to take action. Check each air filter to see what their condition is and then replace them as needed. You can also have an HVAC company perform a thorough inspection and maintenance service. These will prevent system failure and keep your energy costs low.

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