How To Reduce Your Energy Costs This Fall & Winter

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The key to saving money and reducing your carbon footprint is improving your home’s energy efficiency. When it comes to your heating and air conditioning system, being highly energy-efficient means you save a lot of money. After all, an energy-efficient heater will use less fuel to keep your home warm. An energy-efficient air conditioner will also use less energy to keep your home cool during the summer.

Now that winter is approaching…

you should think about how to improve your heating system’s energy efficiency. A good way to do this is to schedule a heater tune-up. Shrewsbury NJ and surrounding area residents can call Lawes Company for trusted and experienced HVAC services. We offer affordable heating system services to make sure that your unit is working optimally this winter.

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Tips On How To Reduce Your Energy Bills During The Cold Season

Read on for some energy-efficient tips that you should know about during the fall and the winter seasons.

Give Your Heater A Tune-up

furnace tune-up

Before the heating season begins, ensure that your heater receives professional maintenance. Annual furnace maintenance is essential for the comfort and safety of your home.

The heater tune-up includes cleaning and adjusting the burner to ensure that the heating oil combustion is efficient. All the internal components will be cleaned as well. This will remove any damaging dust and soot from the unit.

To ensure proper airflow, the tech will also replace the air filters. The fan belt’s tension will also be tested to see if it is worn out and needs a replacement. A reputable HVAC company can tune up a gas or heating oil system to ensure that it is safe to use and highly energy-efficient when the heating season begins.

There are plenty of tasks on a furnace tune-up checklist. Regular tune-ups will make the system more efficient, and there will be less need for repairs. This can save a lot of money.

Since the heater will work better, you will also have a more comfortable home during the winter. Many homeowners avoid having their heaters tuned up because of their concern over furnace tune-up costs. However, the tune-up is worth the money in the long run.

Failing or neglecting to have your heating system maintained will only end up with you having to pay more than you should on your heating bills and in repairs.

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Check And Replace The HVAC Filter Regularly

As mentioned above, heater maintenance includes inspecting and changing the HVAC filter. This is part of basic tune-ups, so it is recommended that you regularly check the filters. This way, your heater does not work harder than it should. It also improves indoor air quality. Different homes require different filter replacement schedules. It is a good rule of thumb to check it at least once a month and replace the filters when needed. Consider calling your local HVAC professional to help you with the replacement if you are unsure of what to do.

Seal Up Your Home

image of a person sealing the window and preventing air drafts

To increase your home’s energy efficiency, you need to keep the heated air from escaping outside. You also need to keep the cold air from getting into your home. To do this, check for any holes or gaps around the window frames and the doors. These then need to be sealed as doing so can reduce your heating bill by up to 20 percent.

Some of the things that can be done to seal these include caulking, weather stripping, and installing door sweeps. Best of all, it does not cost much to buy the materials necessary to do this. Consider getting an energy audit as well. This will help you identify which areas around your home are reducing your home’s energy efficiency. It is best to get this done during the fall before the heating season begins.

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Reinforce Your Insulation

A lot of heat can be lost through the exterior walls.

To minimize the loss of heat…

it is recommended that more insulation be added to the attic, basement, crawlspaces, and exterior walls. Make sure to hire a reliable HVAC contractor to help you with the job to ensure that all bases are adequately covered.

Turn Down The Thermostat

image of a thermostat for an hvac system

Your thermostat does not need to be set at the same temperature all the time. If you are going to be leaving the house for the day, turn the thermostat down by 10 degrees. Your home doesn’t need to be as warm if nobody is home. When you get home, you can turn the temperature back up. When you go to bed, your blankets will keep you warm. Because of this, you can turn the thermostat down 10 degrees before you go to sleep.

To make things easy, consider getting a programmable thermostat installed. This device will allow you to input your preferred settings, and it will adjust automatically at different times of the day. As a result, it can help you save a lot of money on your energy costs over time.

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Add Moisture To The Room

When it is cold, the air in your home loses a lot of its moisture. This means that you are breathing in dry air, which can be very uncomfortable.
Dry air doesn’t carry heat as well as moist air does.

If you want to improve the energy efficiency in your home and improve the air quality, consider installing a humidifier. The moisture that it adds to the air will help the warm air circulate throughout your home.

Unplug Unused Appliances

energy costs

This tip is applicable throughout the year. However, it is paramount that you unplug any devices or appliances that aren’t in use during the winter season as well. For instance, you might be leaving chargers or computers plugged in. This still consumes power even when they are not in use. Therefore, remove their connection to an outlet. Consider investing in a few power strips as well as these can help you save energy.

Use Your Appliances Wisely

Most homeowners use technology as part of their daily activities, especially during the cold season as we spend more time indoors. This can cause our energy use and bills to spike. Use the energy saver mode on your appliances and devices as these can help reduce energy consumption without affecting their performance. Some heating equipment also has this feature. Depending on the unit, it can be called “battery saver,” “low power mode,” or something similar.

When buying appliances, remember to choose ones that have earned the ENERGY STAR label. This blue and white label means that they are some of the most efficient ones in the market. As a result, they can help reduce your energy costs.

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