New to Home Oil Heat Delivery Service? Here’s What You Need To Know

Whether you purchased a new home with an oil furnace, or are looking to upgrade, there are countless benefits to having an oil heat delivery service. Oil delivery services guarantee that you’ll never be without heat when you need it most. Don’t let your comfort and safety be compromised; utilize a full-service oil heat delivery system offered by a family owned heating oil company  you trust. We offer three different payment options, including will-call, cash on delivery, and automatic payment. Don’t forget to ask about our discounts on oil delivery, including large volume, senior citizens, commercial, or daily market.

Automatic Delivery

Never be without oil again. Trust the experts at Lawes to deliver the oil you need to stay warm no matter the weather. Take the hassle out of ordering—with our automatic delivery, we use “degree-days” to track the weather and temperature and then deliver oil exactly when you need it. Utilize the house charges to track your oil consumption and charges down to the cent, or opt for a wallet-friendly budget plan. Our budget plan spreads the cost of heating your home evenly over eleven months to make budgeting a breeze. Add one of our services plans to your monthly billing for even more peace of mind.

Or you can pay your projected fuel cost in advance of the winter months and rest easy knowing one bill is already covered. At the end of the heating season, we’ll reimburse you for any unused fuel.

Will-Call Delivery

It’s easy to keep track of your own oil, and with this plan, you can decide exactly when you want to call in and have more delivered. The will-call plan does prevent you from purchasing one of our service plans, and we recommend upgrading to automatic delivery for full service.

Cash on Delivery

Working exactly how it sounds, cash on delivery is our most basic plan with no frills. Simply pay one of our delivery technicians in cash, with a check, or by credit card and receive the oil you ordered. No more, no less.

Highest Quality Oil

Lawes Company has been in the home oil heat delivery service for years, and believes in a quality product. That’s why we offer only the cleanest burning, lowest-sulfur heating oil for your home heat. Oil burns much hotter than gas, which means more time in a warm and comfortable house and less time dealing with the cold. Oil also burns safer, and is far less combustible than other fuels because of its extremely low flash point—it’s combustible, but not flammable.

Local and Professional

We work and live in your neighborhoods, so we understand the need for consistent and reliable service in the winter months. Lawes Company takes the welfare of your family very serious and it is our utmost responsibility to provide you with oil when you need it. Contact us for your next home oil heat delivery.