Double-Duty: How Does a Dual Fuel Heating System Work?

A dual fuel heating system, also known as a hybrid or packaged systems, is a combination of a heat pump with a full-sized furnace. It provides an efficient way for homeowners to stay toasty warm throughout a cold New Jersey winter without breaking the bank.

Dual Fuel Heating System: How’s it Work?

During the summer months, the dual-fuel heat pump (attached to your existing furnace) looks and works just like a high-efficiency air conditioner. It pulls the heat out of your home and releases it outdoors. Newer technologies also help control humidity and circulates cooled air evenly through the home offering maximum flexibility and comfort all year long. And when the weather is mild, the dual fuel heating system uses the heat pump primarily for heating and cooling.

Then, as temperatures drop (typically at the balance point of around 35 degrees Fahrenheit), the heat pump shuts off and tells your furnace to take over. At that time, the gas or oil furnace provides a second (or even third) stage of heating for your home. When outdoor temperatures rise above the balance point again, the oil-fired heating shuts down and the heat pump kicks in again.

Meanwhile, a sensor and thermostat outside will continuously monitor outdoor air temperatures. As long as temperatures stay above this balance point of 35 degrees, the heat pump will handle the job of keeping your home cozy warm using typical heat pump energy-efficiency and low operating costs.

Both the furnace and the heat pump are controlled by the same thermostat; but, in order to protect each system with a dual fuel heating system set up, the heat pump and furnace will never be running at the same time.

Lower Home Heating Costs with a Dual Fuel Heating System

Designed to work and fit together, the dual fuel heating system will adapt seamlessly to meet all your comfort needs. Many systems carry a 10-year warranty, but if you treat it right, it can easily last twice that long if it’s properly maintained.

While it may cost more up front, this double-duty unit heats and cools your home for less and could pay for itself in five or six years in savings. In addition to long-term savings, a dual fuel heating system may pay you back right away. Check into federal tax credits with your utility company and ask our experts about available incentives. You may qualify for an energy-savings tax credit plus rebate!

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