Home Comforts: How to Check for Air Leaks

how to find drafts in your homeBefore the cooler temperatures start creeping in (and while the heat is still lingering), it’s important to prepare the home for the change of seasons.  That means New Jersey homeowners should check for air leaks to prevent drafts (and ultimately save on utility bills)
Here’s how to discover those little gaps that can prevent a home from being warm and cozy during the cold months and cool and comfortable during the hot, muggy summer months.

Look Around the Home

When it comes to conducting a check for air leaks around windows and doors, start with a visual inspection from both inside and outside the house. On the outside, look for spots of failed caulking. If the windows are single-paned, look for damaged glazing. Also, look where different building materials meet, such as where windows and doors meet siding.
Inside the home, inspect the threshold under the doors and look for signs of openings like daylight. Weather stripping around doors and windows should not be damaged otherwise it will need replacing.

Put Money To The Test

Close a door or window on a small piece of paper or dollar bill. If you can pull it out without it dragging or getting caught, that’s a sure sign that air is leaking in those small gaps.

Smoking the House

The smoke test is another way to check for air leaks. Start by closing all the doors and windows and turning off combustion appliances like the water heater. Turn on the bathroom and kitchen exhaust vents and then hold a lit incense stick close to the spaces around all the doors’ and windows’ edges. Watch out for any changes in smoke rising from the incense stick. If there is a gap, the smoke will waiver and be drawn in. However, if the smoke is undisturbed, then that specific area is gap-free.

Closing Stubborn Gaps

Once gaps and cracks have been discovered in the home, they can be sealed up. Usually all that is needed is a fresh layer of exterior-grade caulking. This is sufficient for sealing shut any gaps that are causing problems.

An adjustable threshold or new weather stripping can also help to seal shut the gaps around the house’s doors. Keep in mind that the goal of the project is to discover all the spots around the home that are letting air out so that they can be tightly sealed. This should result in a more energy efficient and comfortable home during the colder months.

Caulk your Home

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