5 Major Myths About HVAC Services

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Knowledge is vital in all aspects of life from work to everyday life. However, we should be careful in accumulating knowledge given the pervasiveness of false information. We must question what we read and hear to distinguish the truth from the myths. Only then can we be confident of making the right decisions when confronted with problems. For example, homeowners often take wrong turns when it comes to their property’s upkeep including the maintenance of heating and cooling systems. Some ideas have been around for so long that they have been accepted as truth despite their falsehood.

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Five Myths Revolving Around HVAC Services

The following is an exposition of these HVAC service myths. We uncover the facts for you to have a greater understanding of your HVAC system.

MYTH 1: One HVAC Air Filter Replacement A Year Is All You Need

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This seems to be a simple and easy solution to remember. Just buy one air filter every year to replace the dirt-filled component and you’ll be good to go. Unfortunately, it’s rarely enough to keep up with all of the particles floating around in the environment. A quarterly air filter replacement schedule is more sensible. Some homes require a more frequent filter replacement.

The state of the air filter cannot be ignored because its performance has a direct effect on the system’s efficiency and the home’s indoor air quality. The filter’s job is to catch pollutants, allergens, and pathogens in the air. These include pollen, dust, pet hair, the like. It allows clean air to pass while preventing unwanted substances from getting inside. The family can literally breathe easier thanks to this. But it can only do so much. Once the filter surface gets filled with dirt, it will hinder airflow and make the system work harder than it should. This leads to higher energy costs, poor indoor air quality, and preventable HVAC repairs.

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MYTH 2: You Need The Biggest HVAC System You Can Find

The larger size doesn’t always mean better performance. It can be tempting to shoot for the biggest HVAC system that you can afford but this might actually end up shooting you in the foot.

The reality is that there is the right size for every house. If you are only planning to cool down a small room for your home office, for example, then there is no sense in installing a massive air conditioner in this space. You will end up dealing with high indoor humidity because the system shuts down before extracting moisture in the air through condensation. For a single room, a ductless system would be more appropriate.

Regardless, the size of the HVAC unit needs to match the size of the area that it is heating or cooling. There are many factors that will influence the necessary size. Avoid size mismatch by consulting with HVAC experts who can perform a technical load calculation for you.

MYTH 3: You Can Ignore Your Heating & Cooling System As Long As It Is Working Fine

furnace tune-up

People have limited time and money so it’s understandable that they would want to prioritize these. Often, they simply ignore the things that seem to be doing fine and focus on the more urgent matters. However, this might become a problem in the long run because small issues get bigger without regular HVAC maintenance work. The eventual repairs can be in the thousands of dollars which is much more expensive than maintenance services. It is better to invest in regular upkeep than to ignore the HVAC system. You can end up saving a greater amount in the long run by being proactive. Also, you should also consider the warranty clause that requires strict adherence to a maintenance schedule. You could void your HVAC system warranty by failing to follow this part of the agreement. Consider annual heating and cooling tune-ups to take care of this.

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MYTH 4: Home Air Leaks Are Obvious & Easy To Identify

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HVAC systems are known for consuming massive amounts of energy. It is the price that people pay for a comfortable home. What’s painful is that energy is often wasted due to air leaks around the house. Cracks, holes, gaps along the walls allow conditioned air to escape. This forces heating and cooling systems to make up for it by working harder. This is why homeowners should seal up all the leaks that they can find immediately. The problem is that these are not always easy to identify. Without a trained eye, you could hunt for leaks every day and fail to find several of them. Consult the pros if you have this issue in your home. They can find and seal any leaks.

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MYTH 5: You Can Leave Indoor Temperature Control To The Thermostat

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The thermostat is an important part of the system. It is responsible for sensing the ambient temperature and ensuring that your preferred settings are achieved. When sensors detect that the room is too warm, the air conditioner is turned on to pump cool air inside. If the room has reached the desired state, then the system will be turned off until the next cycle. This arrangement usually works well except when the thermostat is malfunctioning.

The thermostat could have faulty sensors or incorrect placement. For example, a thermostat situated near the window might get hot from sunlight and overcompensate by cooling the house too much. This type of problem can be spotted by a trained HVAC technician right away.

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A lot of household myths are accepted without question. It’s time to push back and use skepticism to separate fact from fiction. By learning more about the basics of the HVAC system, people are less likely to hold on to unhelpful myths. They can spot false information from a mile away and make better decisions as a result. Of course, it won’t always be an easy thing to do. HVAC technicians can be consulted when difficulties are encountered.


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