Best Ways To Maintain Your Hydronic Heating System

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Hydronic home heating systems have withstood the test of time by providing homeowners with a reliable source of heat and comfort. These systems ensure that the homeowners’ needs are met without having to worry about drafts or pollutants inside your home that may occur with the ducts of your forced-air HVAC systems lacking regular air filter replacements. Like automobiles, a hydronic heating system does require proper servicing and maintenance to function as expected. Fortunately, homeowners with the right information can play a significant role in maintaining their hydronic heating system. This article discusses the best methods for your hydronic hot water system to be properly maintained.

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Best Ways to Maintain Your Hydronic Heating System

Hydronic heating system care can be placed into two categories. The first are tasks that need professional expertise, and the second are those that homeowners can do on their own.

Why Do I Need Professional Help When Maintaining My Hydronic Heating System?

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Professionals who conduct HVAC system maintenance help lighten homeowners’ burdens. Professionals are trained and experienced, so they have a trained eye for thorough system inspections. Therefore, homeowners should book yearly checkups with licensed technicians to ensure an efficient and comfortable home.

For instance, boiler maintenance helps prevent potential problems from happening. It also keeps small problems from escalating further, a common issue when minor HVAC problems are neglected. Hydronic heating system maintenance rewards homeowners with cost savings and peace of mind when using their systems. Here are several advantages you receive when your radiant heating system is inspected annually:

  • Hydronic Heating System Tune-Up: This includes an overall system checkup and maintenance of vital areas.
  • Expansion Tank: The air charge is examined and recharged. A thorough tank check is also done, and maintenance ensures that air vents are not blocked.
  • Pressure Valve Relief: The valve is assessed to ensure it works properly. Stagnant water is also removed from the boiler expansion tank.
  • Hydronic Glycol: The fluid pH is checked to ensure it has not degraded. If so, the fluid requires recharging.
  • Drain Faucets and Shut-off: Faucets are checked, and repairs or replacements are made as needed.
  • Combustion: The safety controls are adjusted properly. The tech checks for any leaks or clogs and the burner is cleaned according to the specifications.
  • Circulator: The circulator and zone valves are inspected to ensure proper function.
  • Wiring: Wires throughout the system are examined to verify continuity and conductivity.
  • Valves: All valves are carefully checked for proper operation.

This may not be an exhaustive list, but it reinforces the need for a yearly hydronic heating system inspection. HVAC professionals will conduct the job properly and reduce the homeowners’ concerns. Aside from having professional expertise, individuals can also do some tasks for their system upkeep.

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Hydronic Heating System Tasks For Homeowners

Apart from having a professional help you with system upkeep, homeowners can also participate directly in maintaining their systems. People have varying capabilities, so it is best to consult a professional when unsure. Here is a list of some of the ways homeowners can take charge of their system’s maintenance process:

  • Be observant of any trouble your system may have.
  • Make it a habit to do a system overview once a month.
  • Check the boiler or furnace and be watchful for any calcium deposits and rust accumulations. Neglecting your boiler greatly contributes to the problems your system may experience.
  • Inspect the water levels at regular intervals. If your boiler has a too-low water level, it cannot handle the heat it generates. Make sure the system is filled at sufficient water levels.
  • Use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to get rid of rust buildup and calcium deposits. You can also use other approved cleansers and a soft scouring tool.
  • People with experience handling the system can drain the boiler and add oil to the pump motor for better circulation. Make sure to comply with the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the steps in this task.

This is also not a complete list, like the list involving professional help. However, it provides a starting point for homeowners to get involved in the maintenance of their systems. It also helps homeowners learn more about their systems as they become more familiar.

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Becoming Familiar With Your Hydronic Heating System

When homeowners are involved in maintaining their systems, they will realize how they can help themselves in important ways. Here are several ways individuals can learn more about the hot water heating system and how they can help in its maintenance:

  • Pay attention: People can learn a lot just by watching the operation of the system. They can observe the system to become familiar with its parts and usual sounds, among others.
  • Talk to others: Many people know neighbors and friends who have the same system. Learn more about your system by talking to others about their experience and knowledge of it.
  • Online: The internet is a treasure chest full of information. Surf the world wide web to learn more about your system.
  • Owner’s manuals: System manuals are usually given to homeowners after installation. It is recommended that you become familiar with the manuals.
  • HVAC Inspections: You can learn a lot from professionals, especially during annual inspections. Technicians are typically glad to share guidance and insights with the curious.

Many sources of information are available if you look for them. The more information you come across, the more familiar you will become with your system. You will also become more skillful in its maintenance. Being more skillful also helps you save more in the maintenance process.

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It is primarily a matter of habit when it comes to hydronic heating system maintenance. Make conducting inspections once a month and scheduling annual maintenance checks with a professional part of your routine. Homeowners will discover many methods to help in their system maintenance process as they grow more comfortable with it. Some benefits they will receive include better home comfort, balanced temperatures throughout the house, heating oil boiler efficiency, and lower energy and heating oil expenses. HVAC repairs will also be kept at bay.

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