Do Leaky Windows Affect How My Home Is Heated?

image of a window in winter depicting window air leaks

Homeowners rely on heating systems to work hard throughout the winter season so they can stay cozy and comfortable during the coldest months. Unfortunately, if the windows, doors, or attics of the home are out of date or not sealed correctly, air leakage can be a big problem. This article will explain how an improperly sealed home can negatively affect the home heating system and why it is essential to remedy the situation as soon as possible.

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How Leaky Windows Affect The Temperature Of A House

Continue reading to learn how improperly sealed windows, doors, crawlspaces, attics, electrical outlets, and fireplaces can create problems for homeowners during the cold winter season.

Drafty Windows Can Create Problems for Homeowners

During the winter months, the warm indoor air can escape through gaps in the windows, leaving homeowners feeling chilly. Homeowners must keep the windows closed when it is cold outside to stop warm air from escaping. Gaps around the window have a similar effect to having a window permanently cracked open, which makes it difficult for someone to control the temperature of their home.

Air Leaks Lead to Higher Energy Bills

woman with financial problems due to high cost home heating

Since window leaks allow warm air to escape, homeowners will feel much colder. Until the problem is fixed, they will be paying more for their monthly energy bill. Home heating systems must compensate for the decreased drop in the temperature of the home by working longer. This increase in energy consumption raises household energy bills. Unless homeowners seal the drafts throughout their homes, the problem is likely to worsen over time.

Not only will homeowners feel colder and have higher bills they may even end up paying for pricey HVAC repairs. Since the HVAC system must work hard to heat the home, it will likely break down and need repairs sooner than expected. Drafts throughout the home can also create moisture problems that cause damage to the house. Repairs of this sort can be very costly for homeowners.

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How To Test For Air Drafts

image of a homeowner air sealing home due to window air leakage

Below are some specific ways homeowners can determine whether they have air leaks around their windows.

  1. Visual Inspection of Windows: Homeowners can check each window of the home to see if the seals are still in place. They should check for holes and gaps and make a list of problem areas that need to be fixed. It is a good idea to inspect door edges, pipes, and any protruding appliances for gaps that allow air to escape. Attic hatches, electrical outlets, and baseboards are all other problem areas that need to be inspected.
  2. Easy Pressurization Test: A pressurization test can detect the movement of air inside of the home. Homeowners will need to close the vents of the home and turn off any fans as well as the water heater. The best days to test the airflow of the home are on windy days where a noticeable draft makes it easy to find problem gaps. To detect problem leaks, homeowners can light an incense stick and walk through the home, watching for any disturbances in the movement of the smoke.
  3. Professional Blower Test: This test requires the help of a professional HVAC technician. A technician can place a blower on a door inside the home that pushes the air outside. The pressure of the blower will push the air through any gaps and cracks. This will help the technician find any problem areas without the help of the outdoor wind. A professional can also use tools to measure the amount of air leaking from the home.
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Helpful Tips for Sealing Gaps

Homeowners do not require the help of a professional to seal minor gaps throughout the home. They can fill the thinner gaps around their windows with caulking. Significant gaps around the windows may require a suitable foam sealant. Homeowners needing ductwork repairs, exterior wall sealants, or insulation work completed should hire a trained professional who has the right type of tools and knowledge to complete complex jobs. Hiring a professional can save time and money and ensure great results.


Common Areas That Benefit From Air Sealing

  • Windows and Doors: Caulking and other sealants can wear off over the years. If caulking has been installed incorrectly, there may be gaps causing air leaks which can lead to significant drafts and put a strain on the home heating system. Sealing these gaps should be a priority for homeowners.
  • Electrical Wall Outlets & Switch Plates: When switch plates have not been installed correctly, or the wall is uneven, it can result in gaps. Homeowners can use gaskets to seal the area around switch plates making sure to shut off the electricity first.
  • Plumbing Pipes & Wiring: Pipes used for wiring, plumbing, and ducts located in the ceilings and walls of the house can be sealed with appropriate sealant products.
  • Attic & Roof: Thermal expansion may cause gaps and holes to develop on the roof of the house, which can lead to home water leakage during rainstorms, in addition to creating air leaks. It is highly beneficial for homeowners to have professionals inspect the roof each year as well as the insulation in the attic.
  • Air Ducts: HVAC ducts are essential to good air circulation. If ducts develop air leaks, there will be a noticeable difference in temperature throughout the home. Professional HVAC technicians can find air duct leaks and seal them up.
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Why Professional Air Sealing Services Are Beneficial

image of energy efficiency rating and efficient home
Here are four benefits of having your home professionally sealed.

  1. A Comfortable & Cozy Home Environment: Air sealing prevents leaks and stabilizes indoor temperatures throughout the entire home. This reduces the amount of time the HVAC system needs to run, and homeowners can enjoy comfortable indoor temperatures during winter.
  2. Lower Energy Bills: Decreased energy consumption leads to lower monthly energy bills. By having an energy-efficient home, homeowners can enjoy paying less to their utility company each month. In some cases, the yearly savings can be quite substantial.
  3. Helping the Environment: Reducing the amount of energy used within the home will help the environment. Since saving energy reduces GHG emissions in the environment, homeowners who properly seal their homes are essentially helping to combat global warming.
  4. Save Money on Home Repairs: Professional air sealing services help prevent moisture damage and excess wear and tear on their home HVAC system. Simply sealing gaps throughout the home can prevent unnecessary home repairs that could end up costing a small fortune.
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Drafts throughout the home are a common problem for homeowners. Although minor repairs are simple to fix, it is best to call professionals for more significant issues. An experienced professional provides thorough home inspections and offers the best solutions. Homeowners can rely on a certified HVAC professional to deliver quick, affordable, high-quality services.

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