Top HVAC Installation Mistakes to Avoid

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Purchasing a new HVAC unit can improve your home’s comfort level and indoor air quality. It can also reduce your monthly energy bills, boost productivity, and maintain good health and well-being for you and your family. However, it is also a must to have the new system installed properly. Otherwise, you will have to face a myriad of problems and inconveniences if it is improperly installed.

An improper HVAC installation comes with higher energy costs, uneven heating or cooling, premature breakdowns, and frequent repairs. Be sure to work with a trained and certified HVAC technician to assist you with the installation. This way, you can be sure that it is done well and according to the manufacturer’s specifications. It is best to do your part as a homeowner to know more about common HVAC installation mistakes. This way, you can prevent them from happening to you.

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Top HVAC Installation Mistakes To Avoid

Read on to find out more about common mistakes that occur during HVAC installations.

1. Choosing The Wrong HVAC Equipment Size

Having a bigger HVAC system does not mean that it will provide you with better performance. Many homeowners think otherwise, and they end up buying the biggest unit they can afford. However, this is not always a good thing for your home. You need to find the right size to ensure you get the best results. Contact your local trusted HVAC technician to help you. They can conduct the necessary calculations to ensure you get the right HVAC system size for your home. They factor in many things, such as floor area, home insulation, building materials, ceiling height, and more. The worst HVAC techs provide faulty recommendations as they rely on inaccurate rules of thumb.


2. Using The Old HVAC Ductwork

You might think that you are saving money if you keep the old ducts with a new HVAC system. However, this is not always the case. The existing ductwork might be incompatible with your new HVAC system. For instance, the old ducts could be too small to allow air to flow sufficiently. Moreover, ducts that have been in place for years could be problematic. It could be riddled with dust, mold, and leaks, among other problems. The original ductwork layout might not be optimal for the conditioned air’s circulation throughout your house. Therefore, think about having new ducts installed when installing a new HVAC system as well.

3. Improper Duct Installation Techniques

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The HVAC contractors might have provided you with a logical and economical ductwork design. However, it also has to operate well when put into use. An inexperienced technician might not utilize the proper installation techniques due to one reason or the other. For instance, they might tape up the gaps in the ductwork when this is only supposed to be a temporary fix. This will only stop the leaks for a while, and the system’s efficiency will significantly decrease. Therefore, you will have to pay more in heating or cooling bills. Hire a reputable HVAC company like Lawes Company to ensure that only high-quality work is done at all times.

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4. The HVAC Drainage System Has A Poor Design

The coils in your AC system generate moisture because of condensation. Therefore, it is essential that the water is collected and drained properly. If not, the water could trickle to the unit or into your house. This can lead to several problems, including damages to your floors and walls. Moisture also encourages mold and mildew growth. Bacteria also thrive in this situation and cause an unpleasant smell to waft throughout your house. Ensure that the water is drained properly, so you do not have to deal with these inconveniences. An experienced HVAC tech can help you from the get-go.

5. Toxic Gases Are Incorrectly Vented

carbon monoxideThe heating system produces toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide, during fuel combustion. Therefore, proper ventilation is essential so that these gases do not get distributed throughout your home. An exhaust system should be in place to ensure these hazardous gases are pushed out of your house immediately. However, if your HVAC system is improperly installed, these gases could end up being released inside your home.

It is best to have carbon monoxide detectors in place so that you are alerted of any danger. Keep in mind that CO is an odorless and colorless gas that is hard to detect with your senses alone. Make sure your HVAC contractor knows about combustion safety and can implement it properly.

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6. HVAC System Is Not Properly Placed

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An HVAC technician shouldn’t just place the new system where the old unit used to be. They should be able to verify the proper installation location for your HVAC system. Otherwise, they would only be repeating the mistakes instead of correcting them. For instance, the condenser and the thermostat shouldn’t be under direct sunlight. Your system will strain to work as it should when this happens. You will also suffer from adverse effects like uneven heating or cooling. A trained HVAC contractor will help you find the best place to install your HVAC unit and its components in your home.

7. Neglecting To Clear The Space Around The Condenser

The condenser requires ample space around it to operate optimally. However, this isn’t what happens with a rushed installation. The contractor might have only given your condenser a few inches of breathing space around it. The condenser should have at least two feet of cleared space on all sides. This way, your system operates at maximum efficiency, and there is the proper HVAC airflow. Prevent this mistake from happening so that your HVAC equipment will not suffer from premature wear and tear. Ensure you maintain this clearance space after the installation by keeping objects away and trimming any plants nearby.

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Many HVAC installation mistakes can happen. However, you do not have to worry if you have an experienced technician to help you. Avoid spending more than you need to by ensuring you by making the right decisions from the beginning. Find a trained and certified contractor who can conduct proper installation and elevate your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.


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