Why Is HVAC Airflow So Important For My Home?

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Proper HVAC airflow is essential to your HVAC system as it allows it to function as it should. On average, conditioned air moves at approximately a thousand cubic feet per minute. It passes through filters, ductwork, and vents.

A fully-operational HVAC system means that it is highly efficient. You can enjoy low energy bills, a longer system lifespan, and consistent temperatures. However, some homes experience airflow issues that can cause discomfort around your home.

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The Importance Of HVAC Airflow

Here are a few of the reasons behind the airflow issues you have at home:

Restrictive HVAC Filters

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Air filters trap dust, dirt, and other contaminants so that they do not circulate in your home. This way, you have a healthy indoor air quality while also preventing your system from getting damaged.

Air filters get clogged with particulates over time. When this happens, airflow is restricted. You must replace the filter regularly to prevent this from happening. The frequency depends on several factors, but it is a good idea to check it at least once a month. Clean or change it as needed.

Make sure that the filter you use is something your system can handle. You might opt to use filters that have a high MERV rating. This will improve your IAQ, but it might also restrict the airflow. The fan speed needs to be adjusted to allow it to work as it should. Keep in mind that highly efficient filters also need to be replaced more often. Although the filter may not seem like an important component, HVAC filter replacements are paramount when it comes to your HVAC system’s functionality.

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Leaky HVAC Ducts

Holes and cracks may develop across your ductwork. This might be because of improper installation, poor quality materials, excess air pressure, and rats chewing through them. Studies suggest that at least half of the ducts in most homes end up having leaks over the years. HVAC air duct leaks can be problematic, especially for the farthest rooms from your HVAC system. The hot or cold air will end up leaking through the duct holes instead of reaching these rooms. You’ll end up having uneven heating or cooling no matter how much you change the temperature settings in your thermostat. Therefore, have a professional find and seal these leaks immediately.


Inadequate Return Air Vents

Air that is distributed from your HVAC unit throughout your house must come back. Your house and HVAC unit are a closed-loop system, so this cycle is needed for your furnace or AC to work. If the amount of air coming back to your unit is insufficient, some areas in your home could experience high air pressure and reduced airflow. This could be caused by a faulty system design, so an HVAC contractor needs to come and fix it. Another reason behind this is you might have return vents that are not operating as they should. If this is the case, have a professional diagnose and repair the problem immediately.

Blocked HVAC Vents

image of an hvac air vent that is closed

If a room in your home does not get cold or hot even if you’ve changed the thermostat settings multiple times, check the vents. It might be blocked by a piece of furniture, floor-length curtains, or an indoor plant. The vents might have also been closed by another family member without your knowledge. Remove anything that is obstructing the vent and see if this helps improve the temperature issue.


Closed Damper Valve

Damper valves help your HVAC system regulate the airflow. It allows you to increase or decrease airflow in specific areas in your home. You can also close them to stop the airflow when the room is unoccupied. Some damper valves are controlled manually. Others move automatically per the thermostat setting. If you have manual dampers, make sure that they are open and positioned correctly. If not, use the lever to adjust them as needed. In the event that the automatic dampers are faulty, call an HVAC technician to help you.

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Crushed Flex Duct

Air ducts can be made of various materials. Some use metal for its high durability. Others utilize plastic because it is flexible and perfect for bends. Plastic ducts have their advantages, but they get damaged more easily. Accidentally stepping on a flex duct could crush it. It will have a flattened shape that is no longer conducive to proper airflow. If the duct is easily accessible, you can try and put it back to its original shape. However, if the crushed duct has cracks or holes, contact an HVAC contractor and have them replaced immediately.

Improperly Sized Ductwork

ductwork inspection

HVAC systems have complex components that work together to ensure you receive conditioned air at all times. Having incompatible parts means you will have a problem. For instance, the ducts are too large. If this is the case, there will be low air pressure, and air cannot be distributed to the house’s farthest areas. Having ducts that are too small can also pose a problem as they can restrict airflow. An experienced HVAC technician should fit the ducts to ensure you have the right component for your home and system.


Airflow is essential if you want to have a fully-operational HVAC system. Otherwise, you will experience temperature imbalances and discomfort around your house. Contact your local, trusted HVAC technician to help you find the culprit behind this problem. They can provide you with the best solution to ensure air flows properly again throughout your HVAC system. With their help, you can enjoy even and consistent heating or cooling, improved energy efficiency, and lower energy costs.

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