Oil Tank Insurance: Do I Need It?

Heating oil tanks are incredible assets in New Jersey where winter months can long and freezing cold. And although oil tank insurance may not be something that many home and business owners think about, it’s important to consider – especially with older tanks that have the potential to leak.

Since older oil tanks may leak, the State of New Jersey urges all homeowners with oil tanks to have their tanks tested and inspected and to replace old oil tanks to protect New Jersey’s environment and to prevent a homeowners pollution liability loss.

Checking Heating Oil Tanks

Oil tank leaks refer to the escape of petroleum from an oil tank. Heating oil tanks typically hold 250-1,000 gallons of heating oil based on the actual tank size. Leaks may start out as a small hole in the structure of the tank which can cause contents to leach into the surrounding soil. But thankfully that can be prevented with a Roth DWT storage tank.

Roth DWT Storage Tank

In addition to oil tank insurance, Lawes recommends the installation of Roth DWT tanks which are designed to prevent oil leaks that could contaminate soil and groundwater. One a plain steel tank starts to corrode, there is nothing to contain the leaking fuel oil, and it will leak into the environment. To prevent this from happening, the above ground Roth DWT plastic fuel containment tank has the capacity to hold over 110% of the volume of the inner tank. The inner tank is impervious to the acids that can cause a plain steel tank to corrode and stark leaking.

ROTH Tanks lead the industry because of their patented designed tanks that provide the most protection against leaks.

Oil Tank Insurance

If the inner and outer tank of a Roth DWT should fail, causing an oil spill, within the warranty period due to a manufacturer’s defect, clean-up costs of up to one million dollars US ($1,000,000.00) per occurrence are covered by an insurance policy.

NJ Oil Tank Experts

Whether it’s the installation of a new unit, or the repair of your current one, Lawes’ Service department can help! With over 85 years in the business, our tank experts make sure your tank project is done safely and efficiently.

If you are thinking about the removal, and/or remediation of an existing tank or property, please contact the NJ tank experts at Lawes Environmental Services! Specializing in tank searches, soil testing, tank removals and remediation, we provide a variety of services and some practical advice. We pride ourselves on helping our customers through difficulties that can arise when there is an oil tank problem. For further information or an appointment please call 732.530.4333

We can help you through every step of the process from property sweeps to permits to project completion.