Why Is My Outside AC Unit Not Running But My Inside Unit Is?

image of outdoor air conditioning unit in summer

As the summer approaches, temperatures are beginning to rise. In some areas, the temperature is high enough to need the help of an air conditioner. Perhaps you’ve attempted to switch on your air conditioner only to discover that it isn’t working properly. For instance, perhaps the outside AC unit not running but inside is. This is a regular occurrence with a variety of plausible explanations. Continue reading to learn more about your options.

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Why Is My Outside Air Conditioning Unit Not Running While My Indoor Unit Is?

Indoor and outdoor units operate in combination to get the desired effects in cooling systems. If one of these fails, the home will not cool down regardless of how long you wait. There are two methods for determining whether or not the outside air conditioning unit is operating:

1. The Air Conditioner Condenser Is Making No Sound

image of air conditioner fan motor bearings

The first is no sound at all. While some machines are designed to work silently, others should emit a faint hum. If there is no sound, this indicates that the motors and compressors aren’t operating properly.

2. The Indoor Air Handler Provides Warm Air

Place your hand against the inside AC unit. If you notice that hot air is being blown in rather than cold air, the outside unit is not performing properly. Rather than being cooled by the equipment, the warm summer air is merely traveling through the system.

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What Causes An Outdoor Air Conditioner Fan To Fail To Operate?

Often, the problem may be traced back to a failed fan. Although the blades are not rotating, the outdoor unit’s other components may be operating normally. This can occur even if you are meticulous about changing air filters and performing other routine maintenance procedures. The following are the most often occurring causes of the air conditioner fan ceasing to spin:

1. Power Supply To The Air Conditioner Is Inadequate

image of air conditioner compressor repair

Electricity powers fan motors. They will be unable to spin correctly if not supplied with sufficient electricity. Identifying the precise inhibitor might be challenging in some circumstances. A qualified HVAC professional should be contacted to provide a precise diagnosis.

2. Problems With Air Conditioner Contactors

Controlling the fan motor is the function of the contactor. Any type of component failure might cause the blades to cease rotating. It is not recommended that you attempt to repair this on your own since it might wind up in a worse situation in the hands of an inexperienced person. Seek immediate assistance from a professional HVAC contractor for a dependable remedy.

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3. Air Conditioner Fan Motor Has Burnt Out

multimeter and run capacitors of an outdoor air conditioning unit

When placed under tremendous stress, motors might burn out. Additionally, they degrade with time, with poorly managed systems degrading at a higher rate than typical. Regular tune-ups are critical for identifying and resolving issues early on and preventing costly future repairs.

4. AC Unit Capacitors Are Defective

Capacitor failures can also be blamed for outside fan failures. These components serve as a power source for the blades. You may think of them as rechargeable batteries that lose their capacity to store energy after extended usage. Additionally, they might be harmed by excessive heat and electrical surges. If a capacitor fails, the fan will become unresponsive.

Slip a long wooden stick via the fan grate to determine whether this is the issue. With a light nudge, use this to spin the blades. If these blades begin to spin, you have most likely encountered a faulty capacitor. After some time, even if you restart the procedure, the fan will not start. Because high voltage and complex electrical components are involved, replacement should be left to the specialists.

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5. The Air Conditioner Axle Is Filled With Debris

External force using a pole should be sufficient to turn the blades. If you’re having difficulty doing this, look for debris on the fan axle. Dirt may also have built up in the bearings of the engine. Get an HVAC contractor to remove and clean all parts, ensuring smooth operation.

What Happens If The Whole Outside Air Conditioning Unit Is Not Working?

It is not just the fans that will have ceased to function properly in some instances. The outside unit as a whole will be completely inoperative. This is a big source of frustration for homeowners and may necessitate the assistance of a professional HVAC contractor. Nobody likes to deal with a broken air conditioner in the thick of summer, so act promptly to have it repaired. Let us examine the various causes of this cooling system’s abrupt failure.

1. Check The Air Conditioner Thermostat

image of a thermostat for an hvac system

Prior to delving into worst-case situations, verify that the system is configured appropriately. You can certainly perform some air conditioner troubleshooting first. Begin by adjusting the thermostat. Someone may have pressed the incorrect buttons, causing the thermostat to be set too high. Consider lowering the temperature setting and seeing the effect. You may possibly discover that it is not turned on at all. Replacing the batteries may be necessary.

2. Clean External Compressor Unit

When the outside unit becomes too dirty, the compressors might overheat. A dense coating of dust might obstruct the passage of heat to the outside air. When the system reaches a point where it can no longer tolerate it, it will just shut down. Examine the compressor to determine if dirt and debris have accumulated. Before cleaning, switch off the power and unplug it. Better still, get a reputable HVAC contractor to complete this task for you.

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3. Locked Air Conditioner Security Switch

When a cooling system detects an incoming threat, safety switches lock the exterior unit. They will restart when a reset is performed. This is accomplished by switching off the system via the thermostat or breaker. After about a minute, turn it back on and check to see whether everything has returned to normal. Otherwise, you will need to contact an expert HVAC specialist to conduct more troubleshooting.

4. Air Conditioner Circuit Breaker Has Tripped

image of homeowner at circuit breaker box after ac stopped working

If a recent thunderstorm occurred, it is possible that your circuit breakers became overloaded as a result of power surges. You can examine your circuit panel to determine whether any breakers have been tripped. Before turning them on, switch them off. You may have a blown fuse in an older home’s fuse box. These fuses should be replaced immediately. If your air conditioner has a fuse in the shut-off box, get it replaced by a professional. Occasionally, despite efforts to fix the situation, breakers trip frequently. This indicates the presence of a more serious electrical issue that can be resolved only by a certified electrician.

5. Failure Of Air Conditioner Compressor

image of an air conditioner condenser

Compressors are the most critical component of any air conditioning system. It is in charge of pumping the refrigerant throughout the system at the precise pressure level required. If this component fails, the air conditioner’s capacity to cool the interior air would be compromised. When it stutters or makes a loud noise when you switch it on, you will know it is failing. It will eventually cease to operate entirely. This will be quite expensive to repair. You may even be required to do an AC system upgrade.

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It can be perplexing to notice that the outside unit is not operating while the interior unit is operating normally. A brief inspection may uncover the probable cause, and things may sometimes be restored to normal with little effort. However, it is likely that the issue is more intricate than the average individual can resolve. As quickly as possible, contact a competent HVAC specialist and explain the issue. They’ll determine the source of the problem and make required fixes. Once they have completed their work, the air conditioner will resume normal operation. Also, be sure to schedule annual air conditioner maintenance to ensure reliable, efficient operation.

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