Does Your Furnace Overheat?

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Are you having problems with your home’s furnace? Do not ignore when your furnace acts up because even minor trivialities could be the sign of much bigger HVAC  problems in the future. For instance, you could have an overheating furnace, so you have to act quickly before it eventually breaks down. Share your concerns with an HVAC technician and arrange a visit.

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Key Signs That You Have An Overheating Furnace On Your Hands

You have a serious concern if your house’s furnace is overheating because it increases your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, which makes your family even more vulnerable during the winter. Luckily, you can pick up on these signs if you pay attention. You must be vigilant. Hire an HVAC technician if you notice these issues in your house:

1. Consistent Burning Aroma from the Furnace

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Have you noticed a burning aroma in your house? Some people run into the kitchen first to check the oven. Check your other heat sources, which include the furnace, if the problem is not in the kitchen. Does the scent disappear quickly? Is it strong around the furnace? No need to stress if the aroma dissipates quickly, as it is normal for you to detect a burning aroma the first time you turn your system on. This is due to the dust that has accumulated during the months when your unit was not in use. If the burning odor persists for more than 30 minutes, you have a problem. This intense heat could damage components and melt the wires.

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2. Sudden Shutdown of the Heating System

Manufacturers equip furnaces with safety sensors that detect excessive heat. High temperatures trigger the system to shut down to allow it to cool and restart. You must determine the underlying issue if your system shuts down constantly due to overheating. Contact your HVAC technician for urgent support if you notice these issues.

3. Unusual Humming Sounds from the Furnace

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Your heating system will not be silent. The furnace’s noises will eventually become familiar to you and your family. While a consistent hum is standard, banging or clanging should not come from your heating system. You have to investigate if you hear odd or loud noises. You must act quickly if the noises get louder because they indicate your motor is overworking. These sounds could also mean that elements are beginning to malfunction.

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Why Do Furnaces Overheat?

Furnaces overheat when certain conditions occur; it is never by chance. Overheating builds up slowly, but eventually, the symptoms become prominent. All triggers have solutions. We share some of the reasons that your furnace may overheat below:

1. Restriction to the HVAC Airflow

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The hot air your furnace produces passes through a filter. This heat then flows across the ducts and spreads to the rooms in your home. Any blockage throughout this path restricts airflow, and the hot air will accumulate in the system because it cannot escape. The previously mentioned symptoms will occur once the furnace surpasses its maximum operating temperature.

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2. Dirty Heating System Interior

Pollutants from the air tend to settle on the internal components, and some pieces are more sensitive to dust. One example is the blower motor that generates hot air as it spins the fan blades. Dirty motors do not cool properly. The coils in the furnace are also sensitive to grime and will become unable to transfer heat.

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3. Short Cycling of Your Furnace

Short cycling occurs when your HVAC system starts its cycle and then stops right after. These shortened intervals restrict the heating system from completing its heating cycle and performing optimally. Stress degrades components and motors. With newer units, short cycling occurs when the size is mismatched. On the other hand, older models short cycle when the furnace overheats or the thermostat malfunctions.

4. Poor Heating System Maintenance

Mechanical components are subject to wear and tear. Your heating system could overheat if one part fails. For instance, a stressed fan blower could short circuit, which decreases circulation and increases internal temperature. Schedule regular HVAC maintenance by certified technicians who recognize failing components and can change them before problems with the system worsen.


5. End of Your Furnace Service Life

Consistent overheating may also indicate that your home’s old furnace has reached the end of its service life. You may face repeated failed components and other unforeseen issues with older heating systems. As you look at your monthly budget, you may struggle with replacing the same parts consistently while coping with the rising fuel costs. Trying to fix a dated and broken heater is not cost-effective; you should consider replacing your old heating unit.

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What To Do When You Have an Overheating Furnace

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A novice should never attempt to open a furnace to repair it. A trained HVAC technician should evaluate the overheating and any other problems with your furnace. Shut off the electricity and call your contractor for emergency repairs. Your technician will accurately diagnose the issues and provide solutions.

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How Long Should Your Furnace Last?

Furnaces last around fifteen years; however, premature failure occurs when property owners fail to conduct regular maintenance. Paying attention and consistent care will increase your heating system’s lifespan. You play an active role in ensuring that your system performs efficiently for a long time.

Homeowners who have to choose between repairing or replacing a dated home furnace must consider the costs of each option. While you can afford a smaller and cheaper part replacement, your budget may not accommodate more costly repairs. Are the repairs costing more than half the cost of replacing your home’s furnace? If you answer “yes,” replacing the system saves money and allows you to choose a more energy-efficient model that lowers your heating expenses and reduces stress.

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Why Should You Maintain Your Furnace Annually?

Homeowners can perform some maintenance tasks, including replacing air filters and removing clutter. A professional HVAC contractor should perform more complex tasks, including inspecting the system and tune-ups. Professional furnace maintenance increases efficiency and performance, extends the lifespan, and prevents many issues.

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Never let your home’s furnace overheat for long periods because it causes costly damage to the system and emits carbon monoxide discharge. Contact a professional HVAC contractor if your furnace shuts down, has a burning odor, or makes loud noises. Allow the technician to evaluate your concerns and address the problems. They have adequate equipment, parts, and tools to return your home to warmth and comfort.

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