Using The Right Air Filters For Your HVAC System

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Homeowners have many solutions available to them for saving money on their energy bills. One of the easiest ways to save money is to use the correct HVAC air filter Atlantic Highlands NJ. In fact, most homeowners see the replacement of their system’s air filter as part of their HVAC preventative maintenance checklist. While some homeowners try to lower costs by choosing off-brand or makeshift air filters, it is important to remember that not all HVAC filters are created the same.

In fact, using the wrong filters…

can increase your energy bill instead of saving you money. In addition, using incorrect air filters can cause high levels of allergens and pollutants in your home. Allergens and indoor air pollutants negatively affect your respiratory system. This article will discuss how to find the right HVAC filters for your home.

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Finding The Correct HVAC Air Filters

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Your air conditioning and heating unit have a filter installed by the manufacturer. This filter is normally a HEPA filter, a fiberglass replacement, or a hybrid filter. Whatever type of filter you have in your unit, make sure that you replace it with the right one. It is easy to find and purchase the correct filter by searching online. In most cases, you only need to insert the relevant serial number of your unit into a web search engine. You can also search for it by entering the manufacturer’s name.

Be aware that extra dense filters will filter more dust out of the air than less dense filters. These types of filters do not need to be replaced as frequently. However, if your unit does not have enough suction power to aerate through the filter efficiently, it can eventually cause serious blockages or even electrical shortages. It is best to call a trusted HVAC company to find out what they suggest for your type of system.

When you are looking to upgrade your current air filter…

for your next air filter replacement, you may want to consider a permanent electrostatic filter. These filters can attract dust via a static electric charge. As the dust accumulates, the airflow combined with the electrostatic charge will cause the dust particles to attach to each other. These particles collect in the system’s accumulator chamber. Electrostatic filters are convenient because they do not require you to replace them as frequently as traditional filters do.

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HVAC Air Filters & Indoor Air Quality

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As mentioned, using the wrong filters can cause dust and pollen to increase in your home to dangerous levels. Higher levels of indoor air pollutants cause allergic reactions to those who have a sensitivity to these contaminants. Below are some other facts you may not know about the effect of air quality in your home:

  1. Using the wrong filters can increase the likelihood of pediatric asthma. According to various studies, cases of pediatric asthma have increased substantially in recent years. The use of incorrect air filtering systems can directly cause this.
  2. Bad HVAC filtering systems cause indoor air pollution. The air quality indoors is, at times, worse, than the air quality found outdoors. Some reports claim that older homes with inadequate, older HVAC systems have as much as 100 times more pollutants in the home compared to outdoor air.
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If you do not change the air filters frequently enough…

pollutants and other contaminants can permeate your HVAC system. Using the wrong filters can also block the flow of clean air due to dust blockage on the filter. This causes your system to work harder to circulate air. This means that it can’t efficiently cool or heat your home. It can also contribute to respiratory health problems for your family. To avoid this, make sure that you visit the manufacturer’s site to learn about your system. You can also have the unit examined by a professional. They can recommend various HVAC maintenance tips to keep your system working properly.

When looking for trusted HVAC services, be sure to work with a reputable heating and cooling company. You want someone who has the knowledge and experience to understand your system, offer energy-efficient solutions, and much more. When looking for HVAC maintenance near me, be sure to contact Lawes Company.

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