Save Money with a Reliable Oil Delivery Service

5 Ways To Save With Oil Heat

Home heating costs are a significant part of everyone’s budget when the cold winds of New Jersey winters blow furiously. Getting the best price on oil—and using less of it—are key to making the most of your heating dollars. The experts at Lawes have put together a few simple tips that can make a big difference in how much you spend this season to keep your family warm starting by keeping a reliable oil delivery service on speed dial!

1: Service Your Oil Burner

Regular annual maintenance of your oil burner is a necessity and while the service is relatively simple and inexpensive, it can save you serious money throughout the year. Your oil delivery service professionals at Lawes can make sure the various components of your system are working cleanly and efficiently to reduce waste.

2: Off-Season Tank Filling

Consider filling your oil tank when the weather is warm and there’s less demand for oil. Prices tend to drop when demand is lower so summer is a good time to prepare for winter. Additionally, by scheduling your automated oil delivery during less busy times you can avoid the surcharges that can come with emergency deliveries.

3: Keep The Heat In and The Cold Out

Properly sealing your windows and doors is a simple way to save money. Include an inspection of your window frames and door openings to your annual household maintenance; airflow around closed windows and doors robs you of heating efficiency. Many inexpensive, easy to install options are available to help homeowners stop unwanted drafts and make the best use of their heating system.

4: Lower The Thermostat

Decreasing your thermostat setting by 5 degrees can shave up to 20 percent from your heating bills. Dress in warmer clothing around the house; summer clothing is for summertime! By keeping the temperature a bit lower, you’ll use substantially less oil. In the longer term, since your heating system runs less, you’ll also be saving on wear and tear of all the components, meaning they’ll last longer and require less maintenance.

5: Insulate

Most people are well aware of the importance of keeping your attic and exterior walls properly insulated, but many don’t think about other areas that can benefit from good insulation. Any areas in the house adjacent to unheated spaces, such as basements or garages, should also be protected from the cold. Floors above basements and shared garage walls transfer temperatures and can have a significant impact on your heating bills.

A Little Effort Saves a Lot of Money

As you can see, these easy steps mean you’ll spend less for your oil and use it more efficiently which will translate to big savings for your family. Call Lawes today to help you, and your wallet, stay cozy through those long winter nights.