Saving Money in Your Sleep: Find the Best Sleeping Temperature

Ever wonder where to set your thermostat at night to rest better (and save money at the same time)? Finding the best sleeping temperature for your home varies based on personal preference. Typically, the story sounds like this: she likes it warm and he likes it cool.

You might also notice it at the office, if someone is complaining about it being too cold, it’s probably not a male…and there’s a reason for that. A recent study by researchers in the Netherlands found that modern office buildings still follow a “thermal comfort model that was developed in the 1960s.” Temperatures are based on the metabolic rate of an average 40-year-old man weighing 155 pounds.

In general, women have a lower resting metabolic rate, they don’t produce as much body heat as men when sitting behind a desk or sleeping. So, a temperature that men think is perfect for sleeping or for the work environment is probably chilly enough to have female counterparts reaching for a scarf.

Finding the Best Sleeping Temperature: Your Magic Comfort Number

Finding the best sleeping temperature for your bedroom can take some trial and error between you and your family – be ready to compromise. But, what’s the magic comfort number? The National Sleep Foundation tells us that the number is between 65 degrees to 69 degrees. Why?

When you’re sleeping, your body’s core temperature is naturally lower to help regulate your body’s natural temperature. Too hot and it can cause restlessness throughout the night causing insomnia. At the end of your sleep cycle, it starts to raise – signaling your body that it’s time to wake up.

Save While You Snooze

Lowering the thermostat can also save you big bucks on energy bills. If you ever needed a reason to toss on another blanket and tough it out, hear this:

The Department of Energy recommends lowering your thermostat as much as 10 to 15 degrees for periods of 8 hour or more.

If that sounds crazy to you, just wait. For each degree that you lower the temp, you could save as much as 1% on your monthly heating bill. Now that’s reason enough to put on warm socks and your flannel jammies.

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