Summer is Still Here- Should You Replace Your AC Unit?

Sure, summer is a time for barbecues and a cold beverage on the back porch. Kids love the time off from school and the extended sunlight to play. But New Jersey residents know that summer means one thing: heat. When it’s sweltering outside, you can’t help but wonder whether or not this is this the year you’ll have to finally replace your AC unit. At Lawes, we’re often asked “When should I replace my AC? Do I need a new unit, or is it worth just a service?” In order to make that decision, there are a few questions to consider which will help figure out whether your AC unit needs a small fix, a bigger service, or a total replacement.

How old is your air conditioner?

Air conditioning units have been getting smarter and smarter. One day soon, they’ll sense your internal body’s temperature, and adjust accordingly. The technology is increasing rapidly, so by looking at the life of your air conditioner, you can start to see whether or not upgrading is worth the benefits, or whether to stick with the unit you currently have for one more season. The upgrade can be expensive, but the increased energy savings could offset this cost faster than you realize.

How reliable is your air conditioner?

This is a worthwhile consideration – the older your air conditioner unit gets, the harder and harder it will be to get parts, should it need to be repaired. And the harder it is to find those parts, the more expensive they are to replace. If your unit is a decade old, there’s a chance you might just need a simple repair, but odds are making a quick and easy replacement just doesn’t look so favorable anymore. Alternatively, you could always print a part yourself on your 3D printer – but much like futuristic air conditioners that double as stereo systems, 3D printers aren’t something most of us have lying around.

Does your air conditioner cost more than it should?

The upside to your air conditioner is that you get to give summer the flick by enjoying a cool breeze any time, no matter what Mr. Weatherman says. The bad news is that your energy bill will be reflective of how much you want to chill. How unfair! But some air conditioners do cost more than others to run; the recent models all undergo stringent testing to ensure high levels of energy efficiency, which helps you save you money on your power bill. Most models now have a rating clearly displayed on the front, which can help you budget your spending during the warm summer months. Even if you’re not into thinking green, you’re still thinking “green” – why waste money, when a newer AC unit could have you saving hundreds? The answer to “Should I replace my air conditioner?” might be a resounding YES when you see how much your old one is costing you each month.

Stay Cool all Summer with Lawes Home Comfort Specialists

As we near the end of summer, if you find yourself sweating out the question, “Is it too late to replace my air conditioner?” give our home comfort specialists a call today to look at your HVAC unit. If you have further questions, or want to schedule a service or diagnosis on your unit, contact Lawes today.